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How to Write a Good Introduction to a Major Site - Dailyjunkies

How to Write a Good Introduction to a Major Site

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An effective introductory paragraph introduces the topic your essay will cover, establishes its subject matter and provides context – information that familiarizes readers with existing perspectives, cultural attitudes or specific issues or events related to your essay’s topic. Following that should come your hook.


메이저사이트 websites exist solely to display information or content online – this might be true of an artist’s portfolio website or resume site for job hunters, for instance.

Other websites exist to facilitate interpersonal connections between individuals. This category encompasses social networking and dating websites. Furthermore, there are some dedicated to education or enrichment information.

Some websites are designed for readers to follow linearly (fig. 3.4, top). Other sites allow for digressions and parenthetical information as seen in the diagrammed site below (bottom). Programming logic used on such websites allows content customization according to audiences or permits users to move seamlessly from one major area of the site to the next without returning back through submenus or home page navigation – both require a deep understanding of users needs and expectations in order to be successful.

Most major programs require both required and elective classes to create a personalized major experience. With electives you can tailor the major to meet the interests and passions of each student, while many majors also feature a required capstone such as thesis defense or project completion or presentation as part of their degree requirements.

Some students opt to pursue two majors at once, known as double or coordinated majoring. When this happens, it’s recommended that they meet with both Student Success advisors and faculty advisors from both departments to make sure completing two majors won’t significantly delay their graduation date.

Your Bachelor’s diploma will display all majors and minors you have completed, whether majors or minors.

What are the benefits of a major?

Majoring can help maximize your college experience and enhance career success in any chosen field. A major provides a comprehensive curriculum, equipping you with all of the skills and knowledge to excel on the job market – not to mention making career switching simpler later on in life if desired!

Early declaration of your major can save both time and money by helping to reduce unnecessary class enrollments, and creating a firm basis to support you throughout your degree program.

An academic minor provides you with an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons, whether that means exploring a field related to your chosen profession or simply one you find intriguing. Doing so shows employers and graduate schools that you have diverse skillset and are passionate about more than one topic.

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