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The content seeks to examine “Chapter 137” of a manga series known as Dandadan, which is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yukinobu Tatsu. This series is said to be ongoing, even though publication started on May 18, 2018. The manga falls into the categories of action, horror, and supernatural. So far, it has been compiled into tankobon volumes, and it is currently at volume seven, with the latest being volume seven. Dandadan is serialised in Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump digital magazine.

In respect to the genre, Dandadan’s storyline usually revolves around the supernatural and horror.

The main character of the series is a high school girl named Kako, who has some ability to see supernatural forms of reality that other people cannot see, and because of that, she is usually seen as weird. In the course of the series, Kako gets explained about the beings that she interacts with, and she gets to learn quite a lot about her powers. Throughout the series, she is believed to be in the process of collecting five mystical powers of beings so that she can help the beings and save the violent creatures from within, and the being saved will ultimately be compelled to help her in her cause. Every volume in the Dandadan series has an average of ten chapters. Chapter 137 is one of the latest works, and it falls in volume seven.


When Paradisian soldiers emerge in their paths, they find a dried-up skeleton of a titan, not like anything the soldiers have ever seen before. The Titan is the Founding Titan, a way to return to its rightful owner, Eren Jaeger. At that very second, Eren’s head—independently, from the remainder of his own body—appears in the Paths in that he starts to speak with Ymir, the founder and authentic proprietor of the whole thing. It’s published that, using the strength of the Warhammer Titan, surely one of the Nine that Marley possesses is the huge Woody. The last part of the bankruptcy takes place in the bodily world; however, there are very quick photographs of departing Survey Corps members in the passive. Eren’s bodybuilding commences to slowly fade away; there may be nothing of him left. 


The section begins by focusing on the decisions that some of the main characters make concerning the circumstances. These include the decision of Isayama to introduce the “rumbling walls system” to the walls, which were constructed over a hundred years ago. This is accompanied by the decision of most of the scouts to fight back and Marley to attack with titans against the walls.

From this analysis, predicates arise in that the system was flawed due to the mindset of those who operated it. Such attacks occur in Liberia, which is known as the Internment Zone, an area where Marleyans have forced Eldians to live for over 100 years. As the scouts attempt to protect citizens, some key characters come to the fore, such as Pieck and Reiner, who are the protagonists in the chapter. It is also possible to see for the first time the impact of Cart and Armored Titan working in tandem in battle, which is an interesting facet of the chapter. At the same time, subtle art is used to show the incredible speed of the Cart Titan and convey the surprise that the scouts feel.

This is evident when Pieck manages to transform from her Cart Titan form to her human form in an instant and shoot down soldiers around her. Visualising the transformation in this way reveals just how quickly events occur and keeps the reader engaged.

Most importantly, this transformation demonstrates how efficient the Marleyan warriors are when they combine strategies and tactics, instilling a sense of imminent threat in the course of battle. Analysis of this chapter is crucial in coming to understand some of the essential factors that facilitated the development of change in the society in the work.


After Eren’s vow to keep moving forward wasn’t quite enough to provide a freeing period, and a function of reassurance extended than himself and Mikasa, he died. In quick succession, Commander Hange was appointed his successor and just as quickly, Armin nearly dead, constructed the episode’s 1st cliffhanger. All of the toddler and father work upset out the window once new characters began flying South American crow and therefore the few, tender moments with folks similar to once Eren and Mikasa kissed.

Disjointed flashes thrown along, Skinny from not showing for twenty chapters, and newbies. It was like receiving a short payment in cash within the middle of a waste, and the majority of far-famed faces happened. Every time the plot appears to be moving forward, generally, San does return to fascinating backstories and actions that reveal not a lot of else, apart from several times the Titan Pushing scene has been retold.


The particular significance of Chapter 137 in the entire storyline of Dandadan is that it reveals the true identity of the main protagonist of the story. Yagami Taichi, who is the elder brother of Yagami Hikari, the female protagonist, is the one portrayed as Kira. Through the events that unfold in this chapter, which focus more on the mental anguish and the power play mainly between L and Kira, the author unveils the fact that Kira has been very close to the investigation team, represented by the character Touta Matsuda.

The events in this chapter where Kira reveals his powers are symbolic in the entire manga series, in that they produce a very big turning point in the manner in which Yagami Light is perceived and the tactics applied by L. The revelation that opens in this chapter, where Kira decides to use his powers to exterminate the criminals who have gathered in front of the White House, reveals the fact that the focus has shifted to his opponents. This episode which is a major discovery takes place in the chapter, and it serves to create more suspense and further constant discovery by L and his team concerning the operations and the origin of Kira’s powers as well as how to stop him. 

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