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Available Fishing Games by PlayStar to Enjoy on Maxim88 Singapore Casino - Dailyjunkies

Available Fishing Games by PlayStar to Enjoy on Maxim88 Singapore Casino

Maxim88 Singapore Casino
Written by rahul

If you are looking for some fun and exciting fishing games Singapore to play online, you might want to check out the fishing games by PlayStar on Maxim88 casino. The incredibly innovative brand is a recent integration on the leading online casino platform in Singapore – Maxim88 brand. Now, players have access to more fishing games, as gaming products from JILI, Spadegaming, CQ9, YGR, NextSpin, among others, are available on the Singapore betting platform. 

It is understandable if you are doubtful about fishing games from PlayStar, especially for those who are just getting familiar with the brand. PlayStar offers a variety of fishing games that are designed to provide a immersive gaming experience for players of all skill levels. To learn more about fishing gaming products by PlayStar and the available options on Maxim88, here is an extensive article as a guide. Let’s begin.

Why Play Fishing Games by PlayStar?

PlayStar is a renowned game provider that specializes in creating high-quality fishing games for online casino Singapore. However, the brand has a diverse gaming portfolio, including slot games, arcade games, and card games. The company has multiple professional game developers, designers, and artists who use the latest technology and innovation to create stunning graphics, realistic animations, and captivating sound effects for their fishing games. PlayStar also incorporates various features and functions into their fishing games to make them more engaging and entertaining for players.

Some of the features and functions that PlayStar offers in their fishing games include:

  • Multiple game modes: PlayStar fishing games have different game modes that cater to different preferences and play styles. For example, some game modes allow players to compete with other players in real time, while others allow players to play solo or cooperatively with friends.
  • Impressive adventures and scenes: The fishing games from the reliable brand have different fishing scenes that depict various locations and environments, such as oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, and even fantasy worlds. Each fishing scene has its own unique fish species, background music, and special effects. Hence, get ready to explore an adventurous landscape and waterbody by choosing to play fishing games at Maxim88 Singapore casino.
  • Helpful fishing tools: From Fishing in Thailand, Spicy Fishing to Fishing Foodie, players can use them to enhance their fishing experience. For example, some fishing tools can help players catch more fish faster, while others can help players catch bigger or rarer fish.
  • Game-changing rewards: If there is a sure thing you can expect from PlayStar fishing games, it is access to multiple rewards. Players can earn some rewards, including coins, diamonds, vouchers, free spins, jackpots, and more, in almost every fishing game provided by PlayStar on Maxim88 casino.

Available Fishing Games by PlayStar Game Provider on Maxim88 Singapore

Currently, all fishing games developed and deployed by PlayStar are available on the Maxim88 online casino. Hence, you can relish your favorite games and bets on a single gaming platform. Below is a summary of each game:

1. Fishing in Thailand

Ready to go and get some fortune for yourself? Check out Fishing in Thailand by PlayStar game provider on Maxim88 casino. The exciting game features a joystick targeting function, a new auto-fishing feature, a VIP room for a single player, and a portrait interface. The high-quality fishing gaming product enables players to win up to 2000 times their bet, as they enjoy the interesting beer pours on the scene. 

2. Haidlao

From fancy catch scenes, free bullets, and lucky slot to mega drills, the Haidlao fishing game is an exciting gaming product for newbies and experienced players. Players can trigger the red envelope multiplier, giving 1000 times your bet. At the same time, the slot reward gets as high as 2,000 times your bet. More excitingly, the fishing game is mentally stimulating as you get challenged to think outside of the box.

3. Spicy Fishing

Here is a fishing game with interesting species of fish in view. Also, Spicy Fishing features multiple dolls that change faces randomly. Now, you get the challenge of keeping your focus and working to capture red envelope squid with the chance of winning up to 2,000 times your bet. Endeavor to take advantage of powerful bullets and machine guns that come with the gaming product. 

4. Fishing Fafafa

As one of the latest fishing games from PlayStar, you can expect a more exciting gaming experience on Fishing Fafafa. The game is full of eye-catching characters, including thirty different forms of fish. However, players can take advantage of the auto-fishing system, red envelop bus, and joystick targeting function to land a reward worth 3000 times the basic bet. 

5. Zombie Bonus

If you have always been a fan of mysterious games and movies, here is an interesting pick for you. In this game, you are challenged to knock out as many zombies as possible. At your disposal, you get to use the auto-fire feature, joystick targeting function, and multiple weapons. Get as many deadly shootings as you can to win big rewards.

6. Fishing Foodie

Like other fishing games by PlayStar, Maxim88 players get to use auto-fishing and joystick targeting functions in Fishing Foodie. However, it comes with extra features, including extra bazooka bullets for free. Also, single players get to use the grand VIP room as they explore various beautiful scenes in the game.

7. Ocean King’s Treasure 

Here is a relatively new concept of fishing game by PlayStar online game provider. During the challenge, you get to capture the lucky slot machine. This enables you to claim 3000 times your bet. Other rewarding catches in the game include magic shells and hermit crabs. Also, players get to use Ocean King to raise their winnings by 300. Don’t forget to utilize the intelligent fishing system to boost your winnings. 


Fishing games are a great way to have fun and relax online. They are easy to play but challenging to master. By choosing to bet on fishing games provided by PlayStar on Maxim88, you can expect to encounter huge rewards and prizes upon surmounting the challenge. The games are accessible and suitable for all ages and backgrounds. If you are looking for some of the best fishing games online, you should definitely try out the fishing games by PlayStar on Maxim88 Singapore Casino. You will not regret it!

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