6 Slot Games Inspired By Video Game: Double Your Fun

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Slot machines have always been a staple in the gambling world, and their popularity is rising daily. In 2022, an immense demand for slot machines was observed, estimated to be USD 9.5 billion worldwide. Taking this advantage, game developers are creating them catering to various interests and niches, even those that appeal to avid gamers. What is tempting them to do so?

Video games are always gamers’ favorite, and slot game malaysia developers create thematic slot titles, taking inspiration from those classic video games. They have a high potential to create a between video games and online casino Malaysia, leading to PC games becoming a subject of trendy slot titles.

Here are some of the most notable crossovers of slot games inspired by video games to attract gamers’ attention and make gambling fun.

1.Call of Duty: The Modern Warfare

The modern era has witnessed the evolution of video games; one of the examples of it is – Call of Duty video games. Released in 2003, it reflects the series of first-person shooter video games based on ID Tech 3 with bold graphics and great animations. In the meantime, cryptologic technology arrived, transforming this video game into an exciting 3D slot machine- ‘Call of Duty’ powered by Amaya Gaming. It is a 5 reels video slot game with 25 paylines, great animations, stunning graphics, and outstanding sound effects with several features and bonuses. This is not the end. Players can also trigger the in-house bonus round by landing three or more scatter symbols to shoot down enemy soldiers for cash prizes.

2.Resident Evil

Resident Evil was one of the most recognized video games of the 90s era, developed by SkyWind. This slot machine powered by the same veteran reflects the same plot where you will find the same popular survival horror game series. Characters like Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong dominate the gameplay, represented as the highest-paying symbols. The game accomplishes a standard 25 pay lines in Resident Evil 6 slots, offering players bigger chances to win good payouts by wagering between 25 and 250 coins per spin.

Also, you can apply the auto-play function during the gameplay that will continue until you hit the button again to stop. The game has a rich source of bonus rounds that replicates different character’s storyline from the original game, making the game more thrilling and enchanting.

3.Lara Croft: Temples and Tomb

Lara Croft may be a significant cause that PlayStation became the chief in gaming consoles. Temples and Tombs disclose the fearless adventure where the iconic character unearths his grandeur quest for the ancient treasures. This character was introduced in the 90s and crafted a massive fan following who still wants to see him in slot machines. Therefore, Lara Croft was created by Microgaming and became the best-performing slot game in the world. The game features stunning graphics, with the Rolling Reels feature allowing gamers to uncover multipliers (1X, 2X, 3X, 5X) and free spins for consecutive wins.


Microgaming has beautifully crafted a slot machine named Hitman based on the popular stealth video game series. The game features characters like Agent 47, various weapons, and gadgets, all taken from the original games. The machine incorporates several features. The top one is the Contract Bonus, where you can select a target to assassinate for cash prizes.

You will be accelerated by the Insignia Bonus, where picking one of three symbols will reward you an instant win and the standard Free Spins feature. With five reels and 15 pay lines, the game promises an action-packed adventure unlimited and an addition of an impressive potential jackpot of up to 270,000 coins.


If you think puzzles are responsive to your brain enhancement, try the most popular Zuma slot machine. Produced by Popular Blueprint Gaming, this slot game adapts the widely famous tile-matching puzzle video game Zumba. It was published by PopCap Games back in 2003. Similarly, its slot version had the exclusive potential to deliver ancient riches with magnificent gambling features.

You can relish it by staking on a range between $0.10 to $ 25 to take the most lucrative TIki Reel Bosses in an epic 50 free spins and grab  x10000 of your stake. Zuma casino slot game holds an RTP of 95.75% with a high volatility game that offers big wins. So, stake sensibly to hit on the big potentials of the game.


It’s so nostalgic when you are greeted by the vibrant colors of the most beautiful video games of the Rustic period. It’s another puzzle video game that once claimed many crazes from avid gamers. Taking care of the same popularity, NetEnt has beautifully developed the recent slot game of the same name, depicting the same storyline, Bejeweled Slots. The game highlights 5-reels and 20-pay lines with wilds and scatter symbols.

Utilizing them carefully, you can win 20,000 coins. As a puzzle-oriented slot game, the actions remain horizontal and vertical, and the wins occur substantially! With a ten-line bet, the staking range is undoubtedly pocket-friendly as the minimum amount you can see is 0.10p to 50p on every game.

Try any One, It’s Your Choice

In addition to these six popular slot machines, you may find others powered by many top-notch veterans like Microgaming. Some names are – Castlevania, Dark Souls, and many more. The developers cleverly keep the same storyline to keep the excitement intact of the avid gamers where the themes resonate with their experience of the video games and the embellishment of the famous characters.

On this note, Maxim88 has also brought some iconic slot machines, many of which are an adaption of video games. If you want to experience one, visit the site and click now. Many of these slots feature familiar animations, audio visuals, graphics, characters, and themes that resonate with avid gamers.

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