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As parents, one of the best feelings is to see your kids growing up. And when your child enters the toddler phase, you need to concentrate on buying stationery rather than solely toys. As your kid grows, they tend to spend a substantial amount of time trying to learn things. Whether you have a dedicated study space or not, providing your kid with a proper study environment can improve focus in books. With that said, the very first thing on your wishlist must be a set of kids’ table and chairs. And by furnishing the study spot rightly, you can ensure your kid will spend some dedicated time doing their maths homework or a science project.

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to buying kids’ essentials, every parent will want to make the right choice. Any wrong choice can have a negative impact on the child. It can affect your kid’s posture and concentration levels if you buy an inappropriate kids’ table and chairs set. So, here are four factors to consider and a few quick tips to follow to land on the right choice:

  1. Consider The Size

A table and chair set depend on the room’s dimensions. You cannot buy a bigger size set for a small study space. This will eventually end up cramping the area, which can be dangerous. As such, kids’ space and rooms need to be spacious and have ample footrest spaces so that your kid can freely walk or run around. And because the table may have sharp edges, the legs will be sturdy.

In a cramped area, kids cannot pay attention to such dangers. As a result, they may hurt themselves unknowingly. Kids tables can be anywhere between 25 and 30 inches in height (for a proper posture). So, if you have a compact study space, be mindful of the size and the type of table you choose. But, with larger rooms, you have the freedom to pick the size you want!

  1. Shape Matters

Now that you have measured your kid’s room’s dimensions to pick an aptly fitting table set, you also need to consider the shape. Here, you need to ensure buying a child-friendly shape and design. So, with kid’s tables, you will come across three central figures. They are round, oval and rectangular. Round and oval tables must be your priority as they are devoid of sharp edges. However, if you want to accommodate more kids or have your kid’s friends walking in, you can consider buying a rectangular table with round edges.

  1. Analyse The Table-Chair Coordination

A study table set for kids will consist of a table and a few chairs. So, to begin with, decide on how many chairs you will need. You can pick the one-table-one chair set if your kid is more into doing homework and assignments. However, if you have more than one child or your child has a group project to do for the science fair, consider buying a table with at least four chairs. And once you decide on the number of chairs, pay some attention to ergonomics.

With chairs, ensure that the top and the table bottom are at least six to eight inches apart. You can also consider buying adjustable chairs so your kid does not have a posture problem.

  1. Watch Out For The Material

Ensure that the table and chairs are made out of kid-friendly material. They must be free of lead-containing toxic paints and only natural, non-toxic paint layers. As such, wooden table sets are the best bet as they are sturdy, resilient and child-friendly. And if you are looking for a sleek design and a table set that can go well with modern interiors, safe metal table sets are one apt choice. You can also pick plastic if you want a table set that is economical and easy to maintain.

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