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You should hire a sourcing agency if you want to import things from China especially in Yiwu city and sell them on Amazon. Why? An agent in China will be able to assist you select the ideal supplier for your best selling product since you’re probably situated far away and can’t simply go to China to ask inquiries.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking for a trustworthy and dependable sourcing agency. You’ll discover all the information you need on this subject in this guide. For example, how much does it cost to hire a sourcing agency and what qualities should you look for in a sourcing agent in Yiwu market China? We’ve got your back! There’s also a seven-point checklist for your convenience. Ready? We are ready to go now.

What is a Sourcing Agent and What Are Services?

Products are procured by searching for suppliers (i.e., manufacturers) in order to sell them. Sourcing agents assist you identify the best supplier for your needs and make sure that they satisfy your specifications. sourcing agents provide a variety of services, including

An extensive list of services is available to help with anything from market research to supplier selection to pricing negotiations to pre-shipment inspections to customs clearance and everything in between. A sourcing agent is someone who is situated near a possible supplier, speaks the same language as the provider, and is acquainted with the local laws and regulations.

Most things can be made inexpensively in China, making it a popular destination for sourcing. For several sorts of manufacturing products, China is the world’s greatest manufacturer and a global market leader. You may almost certainly locate a Chinese manufacturer that will create a product according to your specifications.

That’s why China has so many sourcing professionals, and that’s why this blog article is about locating a sourcing agent in China.

How to Work with a Sourcing Agent in China?

As an example, consider the following scenario for hiring Yiwu purchasing agent:

  1. You have an idea for a product you want to market, and you consider factors such as the kind of material, the size, the intended audience, and other factors.

  2. The sourcing agent listens to your pitch for a new product or service.

  3. The sourcing expert finds 5-10 vendors who satisfy your quality, price, service scope, delivery date, and ethical considerations (working conditions, factory safety etc).

  4. Your sourcing agency gives you a list of potential suppliers.

  5. Suppliers and buyers are connected via a sourcing agency. The sourcing agent makes it easier for you and the provider to communicate.

  6. You receive exactly what you desire in terms of features and specs.

Types of Sourcing Agents You will Find China

1 – Individual Sourcing Agent:

Many sourcing agents, particularly China buying agent, operate on their own. As a result, they are able to form a close connection with you since they don’t have many customers at once. Working with only one person has its perks, but it also has its drawbacks.

Before you start working with them, it will be tough to find out anything about them since you are completely reliant on their efforts. As a result, their reach may be limited in comparison to that of the larger sourcing agencies’.

2 – Sourcing Agencies:

Sourcing agencies are businesses with a diverse range of sourcing agents all focused on a single product. As an example, there may be one for consumer electronics, one for beauty items, and one for furnishings, for instance.

Supplier networks are extensive, and human resources are many, at these sourcing firms, so they can match your specific product needs with an expert sourcer.

However, sourcing agencies often charge a higher fee than do individual sourcing agents.

3 – Sourcing Companies and Logistics:

Suppliers that provide sourcing as only one of several services fall into this category. As well as providing shipping and fulfillment services, they may also do quality checks.

Full-service sourcing and logistics firms are the most costly of the three options. While smaller businesses lack the ability to delegate duties like locating a source and shipping a product to Amazon’s warehouse, larger organizations may.

There will be improved in-house communication, as well, as opposed to working with numerous distinct firms. However, if you leave all logistics to a single provider, you put yourself at more danger, as you become more reliant on one company.

Why Should You Hire a Sourcing Agent in China?

Sellers from China are discouraged from importing their items on Amazon. Importing from foreign nations, especially if you don’t speak the language or understand the culture, looks like a daunting endeavor.

Additionally, sourcing agencies have been accused of stealing product ideas and reselling them to a rival or themselves. However, if you work with a reputable sourcing agency, you won’t have to worry about this.

1 – Save Your Big Time:

One of the most important and significant benefits of working with a sourcing specialist is the amount of time they can save you. When you’re a customer, you don’t have the time or energy to spend browsing through hundreds of suppliers on the internet and engaging in long conversations about product specifications. Your sourcing agent will see to it that everything is taken care of in this regard.

2 – No Language Barriers:

Additionally, a sourcing agent may assist you in putting up a detailed proposal to send to potential vendors. With a language barrier, it’s critical to pay close attention to the fine print.

Aside from that, the agent is well-versed in what information the supplier needs to know about your goods in order to provide it to you.

3 – No Scamming Risks:


Checking the official certificates and licenses held by the manufacturer is something that should almost always be done. In recent years, the manufacturing industry has been under scrutiny for a number of reasons, including deplorable working conditions and the production of inferior goods. If you are unable to converse in the language in which official papers were issued, there is no use in examining such documents. There is no reality.


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