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Best WordPress Referral Platforms in 2021 to Know

by c-incognito
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WordPress is a viral blogging website, and this article will help you learn about the WordPress referral platform. This post includes some of the essential points from our blog, which should be helpful to those who are new to WordPress. 

We hope that these insights can help you find your way as a blogger or as someone just looking for information on how to use WordPress as a business tool. We hope you feel confident using this resource because we know there’s nothing better than finding an answer quickly!

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is the WordPress referral platform available.

Unlike other products on the market, OSI Affiliate Software will help your website grow while you’re away. The software allows you to send out emails and notifications which inform visitors that they’ve dropped off of your website while browsing other content online. You can further dominate user experience by offering discounts, free trials, beta test invitations for selected users, or priority support services in exchange for their signup to get back onto your site; it’s all up to you!

The success of this software depends not only on how often a visitor drops off of your site but also on the laws where it operates. 

Referral Candy

Referral Candy is a game-changing solution to the current referral marketing landscape.

Referral Candy’s innovative technology lets you choose which demographic your referrals come from. This means that you can get paid to share your business with people who are most likely to buy! That means NO more annoying posts on social media for low conversion rates, and instead, only posts that will yield the results for you.

Aiming to increase engagement and reach rate, social networks have increased their character limit per status update from 140 characters to 160 characters, 300 characters for Instagram Stories, and even 1 million characters in WeChat Business Account messages.

Mention Me

Mention Me is a WordPress Referral Platform that can help you grow your site visitors and increase your revenue.

Mention Me is a WordPress Referral Platform unlike any other; it automates all the processes of giving and receiving rewards, so you don’t have to worry about anything else ever again. We take care of everything, from sending out gifts for referrals to handling the reward deliveries on their end. To convert more members into referral partners, Mention Me lets you grant production perks in exchange for referrals- allowing them to build off the work they are already contributing to your blog or website!

Sales Team

Sales Team is a WordPress referral platform that has been around for ages, but they have never been more prevalent than in the last few years.

However, a new twist on the old concept allows teams to add Video & Audio testimonials from clients or product demos like Drum Set Lab directly into their sites. Video and audio use all of our senses to convey information about your product or service – with no need for reading comprehension when using video demonstrations! Video and audio are arguably even more convincing than written reviews when selling anything online because you can hear, see, and feel what someone else experienced first-hand.


RewardReach is a WordPress referral platform.

The point of RewardReach is to reward publishers for making use of content. By investing in Reward Reach, you’re doing more than simply advertising your product or service-you’re enlisting our extensive network of publishers as allies who will actively produce content on your behalf, meaning you’ll never lack quality articles again!

Pongo Affiliate

Pongo Affiliate is a WordPress referral platform equipped with lead capture, email campaign builder, and easy-to-use promotions tools.

Pongo Affiliates builds you an audience of shoppers who are genuinely interested in the products or services you have to offer. By creating engaging promotions that last longer than a flash sale – for example, rewarding your followers every time someone they refer to, Hunting Bow Lab reaches 1% of their goal – you can create a loyal relationship between them and your brand. Keeping up the momentum with campaigns throughout their experience on the site will help prevent any drop-offs after initial signups. The more active they are on the website, the higher the success rate will be for conversion!

Referral Rock

Referral Rock is a referral marketing platform for WordPress.com bloggers and freelance writers that allows you to increase your blog traffic through partners, affiliates, and friends.

What separates Referral Rock from other WordPress referral programs is that it offers a dedicated hosting service for 5 dollars a month. You rent space on their server where all the affiliate links are redirected to. In addition, they provide you with plenty of websites already set up with affiliate areas tailored to your niche so you can quickly get started driving visitors back to your website today!

Affiliate Integrateby Huckleberry, Inc

Affiliate Integrate by Huckleberry is the premiere WordPress Referral Platform.

Consider this analogy for understanding how affiliate integrations work in WordPress. Have you ever seen someone in a suit with no buttons, just an open jacket? That person has to hold that jacket closed with his hand because he doesn’t have any buttons on it, which closes the top of the suit. The same thing can be done with plugins and themes installed through an affiliate plugin or theme installer. You are given access to both installers, but rather than choose them yourself individually, what happens is you click “Install Now” one time which installs both plugins or themes at once.


Extole is the leading WordPress referral platform for still-tangible business professionals.

The service offers world-class marketing tools, including Reward Points, coupons, social media outlets, and other post-purchase consumer engagement. Combining these factors with our data-driven platform will increase your revenue and customer base. We’re the best choice for WordPress referrals because of our reliable system that provides real value to businesses today.


MuseFind is a WordPress referral platform that helps bloggers monetize their blogs.

If you are looking for the right way to monetize your WordPress blogs, then MuseFind is the best option for you. Refer other members to get a chance of earning more money and send referrals with absolute power; their blogs will make more impressions, clicks, likes, and shares than any other type of marketing. In total, there are five different types of referrals at MuseFind, including personal account, tracker link, social promotion plugin, free member account, and top referrer status.

There are many platforms for you to choose from, all with their strengths and weaknesses. To make this decision easier on yourself, consider what your goals are in using a referral platform. Comment below. What are your thoughts?

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