Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Cat Cleaning Wipes

We all are aware of the fact that cats hate taking full baths. Hence, the perfect solution to keep your furry companions neat and tidy is to use Cat Cleaning Wipes. They are great for cleaning the minor mess off your pet. You just have to wipe away the dirt from your pet and toss the wipe into the dustbin, and you’re done! Due to this, cat cleaning wipes are not only liked by the pets but are also convenient for pet owners.  

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They are great for cleaning your pet’s paws, teeth, eyes, ears, and bum. Although wipes are convenient to use to keep your pets neat and tidy, one thing you need to be careful about is being mindful about what wipes to use and what wipes to not use on your pet. Although the sole purpose of all the wipes is the same: to clean, different wipes are formulated for different skins, and human skin varies greatly from animal skins. 

Keep reading the blog to learn about which wipes you shall not be using on your pet’s delicate and sensitive skin.

Wipes to not use as Cat Cleaning Wipes

Wipes made from any products are clearly not safe for your cat’s skin. Hence, you must opt for specially formulated wipes for a cat’s delicate skin. As much as we intend to keep our furry little pets clean and tidy, we need to be careful about the products we use on them to ensure they do not have any adverse effects on them.  Let’s have a look at the wipes that you should avoid using as cat cleaning wipes.

Makeup removing Wipes

Although makeup removing wipes are formulated with chemicals that are gentle and safe for use on human skin, they can prove to be dangerous for your pet’s skin. The same chemicals that are suitable for human skin, might not be suitable for your pet’s skin. Hence, if you cannot find any cat cleaning wipes, you may dampen a clean cloth and clean your pet with it, or simple let your clean use her natural tools to clean herself up while you search for wipes that are specially formulated for use on animal skin. 

Wipes for babies

Although wipes for babies also do not contain any harsh chemicals but they do contain propylene glycol which can be dangerous for your pet’s skin. It is always recommended to make use of wipes that free from scent and made from natural ingredients on your pet’s skin. You can go for IVSPET wipes that are specifically made for your pet’s delicate skin and are free from any kinds of toxic chemicals, hence are safe for use on animals. 

You may even consult with the vet to determine which kinds of wipes are suitable for your pet to make sure the wipes you use for cleaning may not cause or trigger any allergic reactions.

Soap for household usage

Never use household soap on your pet’s skin. It might seem as an easy alternative to using cat bath wipes but any detergents or soaps that are formulated for use on human skin can prove dangerous for your pet. Your best alternative tool to cat cleaning wipes is just plain water and a clean cloth, unless or until you have a cat shampoo or soap. It is always best to any kind of soaps or wipes for the household or for the use of human on animals skin as it may cause adverse effects on them.

Now that you are aware of the wipes you should not be using on your pet’s skin, it is best to invest in cat cleaning wipes, as they are convenient and easy to use. 

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