Why You Need Health Insurance in Pakistan?

Why You Need Health Insurance in Pakistan?

May 11, 2021 0 By Anonymus

In today’s fast-paced technological world, being healthy is what an individual treasure the most. Inappropriately, despite all the technological progressions and developments, no person can assurance what’s in supply for him/her in times to originated. The realism is that every individual is disposed to some kind of sickness, illness, or accident. There are sure diseases and accidental injuries that are not enduring, aching, and lie intimidating but have a classy treatment, causing mental and monetary distress to the whole family.

Keep your Health and Safe your Future:

Cometinsure offers Pakistan’s first devoted managed care medical insurance products. Our policy plans and products comprise affordability, Health Insurance in Pakistan, greater health care services, well-organized delivery, and quality. “Health” is the core idea combined in our products. As a special succeeded care health insurance provider and the primary of its kind in Pakistan, we are dedicated to providing our customers with worldwide standards of service and individual care.

Why is Health Insurance Significant for Yourself and Your Family?

Health is an extreme blessing for humankind, and you need to uphold it to avoid ambiguity. Today, humans are belligerent with manifold tasks connected to health. Numerous diseases are born from polluted water, atmosphere, ruined food, and bad eating and sleeping habits. In accumulation to this, the growing costs of medical treatments can be a substantial challenge for you. To defend your health and cover your medical expenditures, you want health insurance. A health insurance policy is vital for caring for your Family and thrashing medical treatment increase.

Taking all health uncertainties off you:

  • Complete branded schemes present value-added features and comprehensive solutions for all health qualms.
  • A vigorous tool in hassle-free delivery of health care services; we will be there when you want someone to help.
  • Counteracting huge medical outlays that have large comportment on health and its maintenance.
  • Well-considered and modified plan uniquely intended to address all health demands requiring hospitalization.
  • Among very few national companies to protection around the world with the straight settlement of medical expenses worth Rs 2.3 million abroad.
  • Achieves all supplies intended in government policy of healthcare for all.
  • Insurance preparations with the world’s top reinsurers.




Based on numerous healthcare factors and other standards, the general types of health plans in Pakistan presented by some country’s very well-known insurance companies have been registered as under:


Individual health insurance for a sort of health insurance policy in Pakistan that you purchase on your own. As the name recommends, this plan delivers medical coverage for only one being. It is one of those kinds of health insurance policies in Pakistan that work greatest for you if you don’t want to go for a group insurance coverage plan typically provided by individual proprietors and large-scale administrations.


You can apply for family health insurance in Pakistan if you also need medical coverage for your instant families like your partner and children. The quantity you pay as a scheduled premium typically depends on the size of your family and the policy’s term and condition. Keep all these features in mind to choose the accurate option among the obtainable health insurance policies in Pakistan.


Corporate health insurance is also recognized as worker health insurance. As deliberate, it is a kind of group insurance coverage in Pakistan presented by individual employers or organizations to their corporation staff members. It is typically outsourced to dissimilar well-known insurance companies in Pakistan. The once-a-month, b-annual, or yearly premiums for these health plans are frequently deducted from the salaries of employees. Most of the sorts of employee health insurance in Pakistan only cover medical emergencies and slight hospital checkups.


Accidental health insurance is also one of the most prevalent types of medical insurance plans in Pakistan. Like medical insurance, it also assistances you pay for your hospitalization and additional healthcare expenditures but only in the case of accidental damage. Though, this medical insurance plan may not cover chosen injuries and hopeless acts.

Claim Procedure:

In case of emergency hospitalization, you can use your Health Card at any of the network hospitals through the country and reward cashless service or get compensation in case of admission to a non-panel hospital. In case of planned hospitalization, you must notify before admission for pre-authorization.

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