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Why will you choose Master Blinds to buy the window blinds?

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With blinds and shades, you can choose from a variety of styles, and it is not always easy to find the right fit for your needs. At Master Blinds, they recognize the need for better, more affordable patio covers Los Angeles. More safety in mind – then decided to launch with a variety of colours, fabrics and styles.

Considerations for buying blinds and shades:

Light and privacy: 

Decide whether you want your room to be bright and airy or “buttoned up” and warm. The blinds tilt to let sunlight in or out. When closed, you lose light. Shades have fabric options that darken the room or filter the light. It gives you more control over the brightness unless you choose the most transparent. They must be pulled up to allow light to enter or down to deter nosy neighbors.

Your budget: 

Are you decorating one window or the whole house? You might consider spending more on some windows and downsizing others. Window treatments are priced according to size. So expect bigger treatments to cost more. Custom sizes and special fabrics, patterns, and features also add to the cost.


If you have kids, choose the wireless style. This is because accidental strangulation is the main problem.


Blinds do not need professional cleaning. But it could also be a vacuum magnet. To make dusting easier, use a Swiffer 360° brush (seal holder). Shades in textured fabrics and woven fabrics hide dirt better. But cleaning the shades is more difficult — you can vacuum a little and do spot cleaning. But bigger clutter should be ignored for pros.

Your decorating style:

The bold colours can be fun or dramatic. Delicate shades are ideal for rooms decorated with neutral and earth tones.

What are the different types of shades?

Shades are the answer if you are looking for great versatility and style. They provide additional ways to create different looks and moods using textures, patterns and weights of fabrics. Shades are a versatile way to spice up any room. It gives a warmer and softer look than blinds. The downside is that to keep them fresh and clean, you will have to wash vinyl by hand. Fabric shades (especially if they are lighter) should be vacuumed regularly with a hand tool and spot cleaning or sent it out for professional cleaning. Here’s what to know about certain shades:


  • Woven wood (such as bamboo) provides complete coverage and a natural look. It Works great in the garden room and breakfast corner. You often need to filter the sunlight to read the newspaper or look at your iPad screen.
  • Tight weaves like twill or microsuede offer the best privacy because they are opaque. It Works well in bedrooms.
  • Roman blinds have wide pleats that are soft and fold flat when the rope is lifted. It is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and family rooms, Balloons, where fabrics are combined into a bubbly fabric — create a stylish and elegant look for any living room or formal living room.
  • Honeycombs, also known as cells, are designed with horizontal air pockets (i.e. tight, neat rows in beehives), which work for heating in winter and outside in summer. These energy savers are a favorite for everyone in the home.
  • Blackout curtains with 100% blackout fabric which are more expensive than conventional designs are ideal for bedrooms, home theatres and media rooms.
  • Solar-powered made from translucent woven fabric offers protection from harmful UV rays but doesn’t completely obscure your vision. They are good for Sunrooms, children’s rooms, dining areas, and low-light offices.

Master Blinds have a wide range of LA custom blinds including everything from low-rise to energy-efficient cellular to blackout roller blinds and more, either bottom-up or top-down, for more light-feeding options.

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