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When we think of heartbreaks we imagine tears, loneliness, depression, and isolation. But not all heartbreaks are that bad. Some are not just good but in fact necessary for men to find themselves. Here’s why they are beneficial.

  • Essential for character development

Some heartbreaks are necessary for men to grow. Character development often stops once we get too comfortable in a situation, and this is what might happen in a relationship that doesn’t let you grow. A heartbreak in that case will expose you to the harsh reality of the world and push you to find your true self and excel at what you do best. It teaches men to prioritize their careers and goals in life and create a world for themselves that they can comfortably rely on. Character development only comes when a person steps out of his comfort zone, and a heartbreak unwillingly pushes people to widen their comfort zone and focus on themselves to improve.

  • Freedom from toxic relationships

Some relationships are outright toxic. Your partner may be suspicious, cheating, immature, egoistic or abusive. If the relationship was toxic, then the heartbreak was not just necessary, but good for your health. Toxic relationships affect the mental and physical health of men as they find it difficult overtime to connect with others and depression tends to seep in. Breaking up at the right time or even being left by such a toxic person is a blessing in disguise and you need to thank your stars that you did not permanently end up with someone who was bad for your health.

  • It teaches men to be realistic

We all have a fairy tale notion about our first love. Men grow up watching macho characters from movies and idolize them, wanting to be the same in their own relationships. The first breakup, however, gets us all back to reality, a little harshly. It breaks the illusion of the macho, provider, protector, alpha male lover that has been romanticized by media, and brings their focus to more realistic expectations that women might have from their partners. This reality check is in fact necessary to move on and have successful and healthy relationships in the future. 

  • It makes you self-dependent

Men don’t realize when they start becoming dependent on their partner both emotionally and physically. Sometimes this dependency can be risky as it may come across as clingy to the other person. A heartbreak teaches men to be self-reliant again. Having is a partner should be a companionship and not dependency, is what most men learn after heartbreaks. You need to find your worth by yourself and it isn’t the partner’s responsibility to make you happy. A person who is happy by himself tends to be happy even in a relationship as the happiness comes from his own mind and the partner simply adds to it. Some men go to the extent of not wanting a partner for sex and investing in anime sexdoll for pleasure. 

  • Paves way for something better

Sometimes we hold on to things that aren’t meant for us, while ignoring the opportunities that await us. Sometimes a heartbreak is necessary for men to realize that they deserve better. Something wonderful might be awaiting them in the future and the breakup simply paves the way for this lovely surprise. One must be ready to let go of some thing in order to get something bigger and better. Till you find someone better, you can always fulfil your sexual desires with a sex doll, while you wait for your ideal partner.

While everyone wants their relationship to last, it takes two to tango. You never know if and when the relationship might end. However, it helps to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. It is important to remember that a heartbreak is not the end of the world, and there are always better possibilities awaiting ahead. So don’t lose hope and make the most of your chance at a better future.

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