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Why Mailroom by PackageX is the Best Mail Management solution for the Education Industry?

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Running an educational institute comes with its fair share of logistical challenges of all sorts. These challenges tend to demand a relatively large chunk of your time as well as your resources. To be more specific, mailrooms for universities or colleges are a challenge that proves to be somewhat irritating. These numbers are increasing tremendously since university students now prefer online shopping over physical ones, whether for medications or clothing. Not only do these online shoppers require this management, but so do those students who receive packages from back home.

Suppose the university’s current mailing system tends to notify the recipients as soon as you start sending mail out. In that case, you’re most likely bombarded with the “where’s my package?” messages soon after. And that’s not even the scary part. Worst case scenario would be if someone’s package got lost. Things would take an ugly turn then. Well, guess what?

This unpleasant situation can be dodged with the help of PackageX’s mailroom automation software, which ensures the smooth running of the whole operation by employing features like notifications, intelligent scheduling, and customization. This software uses AI technology and will not only help save up those precious minutes but will also free your team from the headache of paper slips and documentation. 

Mailroom Management by PackageX

Mailroom by PackageX helps revolutionize how organizations process their mails. It offers a broad range of features that transforms the tracking process into a hassle-free one via an automated system. For instance, when a package arrives, the mailroom employees will scan the barcodes on the mail, which reads the recipient’s information. This, in return, sends an automated email that notifies them of the arrival of their package. And voila, it’s as simple as that.

The digital tracking feature proves to be quite advantageous since it provides access to the online chain of custody of the parcel up to the point that it’s delivered via a mobile app. The mailroom management software can be used to draw out data and provide an analysis that will aid in planning what on-hand resources the institutes will require when an increase in the influx of packages is expected, for example, around the holidays.

How PackageX Helps Educational Institutes?

There are multiple ways in which Mailroom by PackageX helps educational institutes with smooth mailroom management. How? Let’s have a look!

Smart Scheduling

The whole process of package delivery is instead time-consuming, including the hassle of paperwork. Mailroom takes this into account since you only need a smartphone to function as a contactless mailroom. The proof of delivery is also easier to obtain than ever; a simple picture of the receiver with the package and that. The Mailroom app allows you to scan up to 50 packages in a go, without any disturbance. All of this, in return, improves satisfaction, saves uptime by reducing unneeded messages, and ensures the smooth flow of delivery.

No Manual Entry

The Mailroom software employs optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which is what makes it so beneficial and stands out in the crowd of other software. The app permits one to scan QR codes, barcodes, and even handwritten labels. Therefore, the students can benefit from this technology since it diminishes the need for manual mail entry, leaving no error margin. It just provides a quick, easy, and accurate service.

Making Life Simpler for Students

This software is beneficial not only and stress-free for the educational institutes but the students as well. The app allows the students to entrust their friends or roommates to receive the package on their behalf or save up a fair amount of time through a quick pick-up option from the Mailroom.

Customization and Notifications

The Mailroom system assists you in quickly notifying the recipients about the deliveries of their packages and sending automated reminders via an email or text message, all within a click. It grants you the option to add labels or any special notes to the package, which the recipients view as a plus point. Moreover, it allows you to send notifications regarding the delivery status to the students and staff members throughout the delivery process, which helps keep a record of the chain of custody of the mail. These features play a role in making the process convenient and efficient, which is the aim of the software.

Digitalize Your Mail Management

The Mailroom app grants students the autonomy to hold, forward, or destroy their mail, just one tap away. They can choose the fate of their parcels through Mailroom Connect, which offers an astounding collection of features.

Package Tracking Report

The tracking feature of Our Mailroom app eliminates the need for students to contact the Mailroom to get an update regarding their package. It also ensures recording every package hand-off along the way up till its final destination, which prevents the possibility of losing the package. The access to the complete chain of custody on the software makes the tracking of the mail much more efficient. In addition, Dispatch by PackageX provides the best traditional and on-demand courier services, with its retailers spreading throughout the country and offering same-day shipping at economical rates that are a steal. Hence, these reasons make us the most efficient service providers throughout the nation.


The PackageX mailroom management software provides you with the flexibility of adapting to your current system. Upon trying Mailroom for yourself, you will, without a doubt, enjoy the intelligent features that range from intelligent scheduling to accountability tracking, as well as numerous others that help your Mailroom operate better than ever. 

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