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Australian scientists have made a study and found out why a person enjoys so much gambling and competition.

According to experts, to begin with, the social factors that encourage a person to play the big game are important. This person can start gambling, or participate in or watch some kind of competition. Then the excitement itself connects.

As we know, the differentiating principle of any gambling is indeterminacy. Scientists have found that in a situation where the outcome is unknown, the human brain begins to produce the pleasure hormone dopamine.

In addition, scientists believe that gambling is able to form leadership qualities thanks to a deep passion for the process and a large expenditure of time. Gamblers can take responsibility both for the process itself and for the result. Also, according to experts, gambling significantly reduces the sense of self-preservation.

In addition to social factors, a person’s gambling depends on his own character and temperament, as well as the speed of his passion.

It is worth mentioning that the lack of excitement also causes some harm to the person. For example, it leads to situations such as burnout at work: the human brain, which is constantly busy with routine tasks, stops producing the hormone of pleasure.

The Positive Aspects of Gambling

Often people wonder if it’s necessary to start gambling. Or is it better to find some alternative. Further you can read what happens to a person while playing for real money:

  • Training of memory, attention and concentration. Of course, one of the main pluses is the ability to improve your level of logical thinking, and the ability to concentrate, a good training of memory and decision-making ability. During the game there is a sudden release of hormones, which perfectly stimulates brain activity. This option is excellent for students and the old who suffer from distraction, as well as for people whose activity requires an extra concentration;
  • Stress Relief. It is amazing, but gambling can help you relax after a hard day’s work. During the game, the organism secretes the hormone of joy – endorphin, which leads to an increase in mood, a rush of energy. For a person who is accustomed to monotonous activity, the game may be one way to refill the adrenaline reserve, while for workers whose profession is in some way connected with risk, it is a great way to distract from stress and worry. It is also effective for the prevention of neurotic and depressive illnesses;
  • Treatment of other addictions. This practice should only be carried out under the control of a therapist. Its idea is to switch the person’s attention from alcohol or drugs to the game while preventing serious abuse. 

As you can see, gambling is great for keeping a person mentally healthy. All of the above statements are written by experienced psychologists who have followed a large number of gamblers for several years.

Which Casino to Choose on the Internet?


After reading a lot of reviews, it’s easy to say that WolfWinner Casino is perfect for beginners and experienced players .

This is a safe casino with a wide variety of games. It was first released to the public in 2021. The site is completely legal in the whole territory of Australia. So while playing at Wolf winner you can feel safe and secure. The data is highly coded and the game result cannot be influenced by anyone else but you. 


Once players sign in to this section at wolf winner casino they will find a huge selection of games in different themes and categories. The site features the following sections:

  • Blackjack-one of the most popular card games worldwide. Australians can choose from 20+ variations of this game. All of them are represented by the world leaders in the world of iGaming software.The most popular: American blackjack, single deck blackjack, European blackjack, multi-arm blackjack;
  • Live dealer – this category is the favorite of those who have often visited land-based casinos before. After all, when you play live games, you never stop to feel a great sense of expectation and thrill. The dealers are always friendly and welcoming to players. Live games you can play include baccarat, roulette, blackjack, casino hold’em, and portomaso roulette;
  • Video slots – the most popular machine in this category is wolf winner. It includes more than 500 games with different odds of winning. The most popular video slots on the site are Pearl Diver, Golden Hunt, Professor Clank’s Combinator and Farm Bill 2;
  • Roulette is one of the well-known table games that all Australians love. Roulette has many variations such as track roulette, European roulette, American roulette, gold roulette ;
  • Jackpot – this category contains all games with active jackpot. It can be won by anyone who made a bet on a game of the most visited games of this section: Victory Fairy, Dragons’ Kings, Reels of Wealth, Gold Rush and Caesar’s Victory. 

Bonuses and promotions

The most visited section on the site. It is loved by all players because it is an opportunity to play without spending real money. 

The most popular Bonus offers:

  • Welcome bonuses for the first deposit-it is 125 percent bonuses up to AU$2,000 and 125 free spins at Wolf saga. You can get spins for 4 days-each day 25 pieces. The minimum deposit is $20 and the wagering requirements are 50x;
  • Welcome bonus for second deposit-100 percent on up to $1,500. The requirements are the same;
  • Welcome offer on third deposit – 100 percent up to AU$1000 . Requirements are the same;
  • Welcome offer on 4th deposit-80 percent up to AU$1,000 . Requirements are the usual;
  • Friday Flashes of Money – players have a chance to win part of the prize pool of up to AUD $120,000. The promotional offer is valid in 3 stages. In order to become a participant in the game for the grand prize, you need to bet on Playson games;
  • Playson’s Drop – the prize fund of 500,000 Australian dollars. The action is divides into 4 stages, to take part it is necessary to make a bet on qualifying Playson games.

If you often have the question of how to relax with some benefit, the gambling is ideal. After all, when you play you relax, get rid of negative thoughts, get a lot of emotions and, most importantly, earn real money. Register at Wolf winner Casino and enjoy the game. 

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