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The engineered wood is basically the man-made wood or composite wood that is a versatile and durable alternative to hardwood flooring. It is manufactured with the layers of wood called plywood reformed using heat, glue and pressure. Plywood is an engineered composite of wood particles, strands, veneer or fibers, which is joined in three layers to make wood flooring panels. As a result, an improved form of wood is made, which has better properties regarding stability and affordability. This is why Woodridge Homes, the custom home builders in Nashville is witnessing residential home owners preferring engineered wood as their home flooring choice. 

Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

No one can deny the natural look, fineness and perfection of hardwood flooring, but it is too expensive and is more prone to termite damage. Harwood also needs proper maintenance and is a vulnerable material if it gets exposed to dampness. This is why custom home builders suggest engineered wood flooring to its clients. Other than durability, there are many other advantages of engineered wood and here are a few.

Heat and Moisture Resistance

Engineered wood planks do not expand or contract due to the change in temperature and increased moisture levels. This is why it is ideal for the flooring plans in locations where the climate remains humid round the year, and also in areas which receive the high precipitation. Due to being heat resistant, it is best suitable for the flooring of the indoor spaces, which are exposed to extreme heat and dampness like kitchens and the basement of the homes. The Tennessee home builders recommend this flooring material to the home owners who seem very conscious about the maintenance of flooring in these areas. 

Easy Installation Process

The home builders in Franklin TN have been extensively experimenting with the engineered wood flooring, especially for the clients who wanted their constructions complete in short durations. This flooring is ideally designed with the purpose of installation and is available with easy to fit edges. Its factory-applied finish makes its fixing quite easy. The Nashville home builders specially use it in home renovation plans, as it can be easily layered over concrete or tiled floor, without any risk of warping and twisting. 

Long Lasting Material 

Engineered wood is more durable compared to original hardwood and there is no question about it. This is one of the most important features that makes it the foremost choice of Tennessee home builders. Its three layered structure joined together with strong adhesive makes it last for decades. According to an estimate, a good quality engineered wood floor lasts for 25-30 years. Due to its sturdy machined construction, it is the best material for the flooring of high traffic areas like offices, kitchens and entryways. 

Wide Range of Colors, Grades and Stains

This is another quality of engineered wood that gives it an edge on the natural hardwood flooring. It offers an extensive variety of colors, grades and stains. You can choose the color according to your desired furniture and layout. Depending on your budget, you can opt for any grade from fine quality glossy look to cost effective lacquered material. Due to its adaptable texture, it can be given any natural wood impression. This is why many custom home builders in Tennessee prefer this flooring for giving an aesthetic touch to the floors. 

Cost Effective Material

This is again an outstanding feature of engineered wood flooring that makes it matchless. It’s true that when you start building a home from scratch, it becomes very costly. Its less price makes it the best choice of people who want to build new homes in Nashville TN. Even those who love natural wood in flooring can fulfill their desire by choosing cedar, oak or veneer impression floor planks, which are quite affordable. 

Authentic Look

Amazingly, the engineered wood flooring has got such a fine finish that makes it seem real. Since almost all natural materials are used in its manufacture like wood fiberboard, strands and veneer, therefore it gives the impression of real wood texture. The Tennessee home builders have designed its classy flooring plans which make people fall in love with it. In short, if you want to give your home flooring a touch of natural wood in less expensive material, then engineered wood is the best substitute. 


  1. Does engineered wood rot?

The eco-side engineered wood is very durable due to its pre-finished material and it doesn’t rot. 

  1. Is engineered wood waterproof?

The traditional engineered wood is not waterproof. A latest type of engineered wood called Engineered Vinyl Plank EVP has a vinyl core with outer wooden layer and it doesn’t get damaged on everyday spillage. 

  1. Can engineered wood be used in the outdoor flooring?

Yes, it can be used outdoors. Since it is made with water-resistant waxes and zinc borate, and both make this wood strong enough to withstand decay, even in rainy and humid environments.

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