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Indian schools and colleges produce lakhs of qualified engineers and technology professionals every year. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, India ranked among the top 10 countries with the highest percentage of engineering graduates passing from top Engineering colleges in Delhi NCR and other institutes. These engineers are not only aspiring to be part of some of the country’s biggest startup and engineering projects such as ‘Make in India”, Digital India, and Startup India but also turning the heads in other developed nations such as the USA, Canada, UK,  Germany, Japan and Korea with highest participation rates in research and analysis of advancing technologies in the fields of metallurgy, material science, polymer designing, surgical instruments design, blockchain architecture, and automobile designing. Thanks to the renewed vision of the current central government in India, a lot of emphases is now being put into designing curriculums by Engineering colleges in Delhi NCR, which invariably translates into the launching of many new research initiatives and public-private partnerships to grow academic infrastructure required for developmental works in engineering specializations.

Let’s take a quick look into some of the recent activities happening in the engineering fields that cement engineering’s position as the best starting point in the career for millions of aspiring Indian students.

Quantum Engineering Development

Quantum theory is an important subject in molecular physics combined with data science and information management. The recent rise of quantum engineering foundations has resulted in the growth of many new branches in engineering such as quantum mechanics, quantum sensors, and quantum computer hardware and applications.

Indian students are far more informed about the latest in science and innovations compared to their peers in other developing nations. For instance, a large group of engineering students in Delhi NCR is exploring opportunities in the field of quantum theory development that could lead to rapid advancements in Quantum Computing architecture designing.

Many CSE and IT students from top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR are equipping themselves with basic and advanced skills required to become Quantum Engineer, who would be building the next level of quantum technologies for various computer science, metallurgical, and automobile industries.

AR VR Development

Believe it or not, AR VR and immersive content applications couldn’t have reached their position today if engineering students hadn’t come together to develop cutting-edge graphics and sensor technologies. In the era of fast-paced communication and reality graphics, AR VR tools could amplify the need to develop modern technologies to assist people with poor vision and sensory coordination. For example, graphical engineers are getting their act together with AR VR experts to create a 3D prototype glass for blind and old people. 

AR VR’s role in helping congenitally blind and color-blind people can no longer be taken for granted even as billions of dollars are being invested in this space to further develop AR VR smartglasses that can be called the ‘visionary glasses’ of the future. Best engineering colleges in Delhi NCR and other parts of the region are contributing immensely to this AR VR development by inviting opinions and advice from leading experts in the industry and passing the information to UGs taking training as part of their engineering curriculum.

Emission-free vehicles

By 2050, every country in the world would have ceased to use fossil fuels for their ICEs. The growing demand for green fuel initiatives has brought in new types of challenges for mobility and industrial production that now seek alternative fuel options and new types of engines to reduce CO2 and hazardous precipitates emitted from conventional motor engines. That’s why electric vehicles are so much important for a cleaner, greener future. This branch of engineering is projected as Green Technology (Green Tech) and Clean Technology (CleanTech).

Due to the recent rise in demand for electric vehicles and zero-emission driverless vehicles (EVs and UVs), the automobile industry can be considered to be passing through a transitional phase. The Indian government is backing the automobile companies and startups that are working on green fuel initiatives and engineering students pursuing mechanical engineering, power electronics, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and automobile engineering have a solid chance to be part of this globe transforming sustainability program.

There is a sea of opportunities in other areas too! 

Big Data Computing, Cloud Development, Information Security, Blockchain and Crypto, Artificial Intelligence, Data storage, and serverless are also gathering massive popularity within the engineering colleges in NCR as demand for CSE and IT courses continue to spike in the post COVID era.

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