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After finishing their 12th-grade education, many people go on to get their MBBS degrees and become doctors. Students interested in studying for their MBBS degree have several excellent alternatives, one of which is to do so in the Philippines. Both the Philippines and India are excellent options for those interested in registering in an MBBS course. Because of the severe competition in India and the expensive cost of tuition, most students from India choose to enroll in medical schools outside of the country to complete their MBBS degrees.

MBBS programs offered by Philippine medical schools

After successfully completing the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program in the Philippines, students are eligible to enroll in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. 

The tuition pricing structure at medical schools and universities in the Philippines is very low, despite the country’s reputation for producing highly qualified medical professionals. The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program was taught in English in medical schools in the Philippines. After finishing their MBBS programs in the Philippines, students have a wide variety of employment options and the ability to work in any nation.

Why Choose to Get Your MBBS in the Philippines?

  • Many parents feel that the Philippines is one of the finest education destinations for their kids to study MBBS in Philippines since it provides high-quality medical education with several advantages. These advantages include the following:
  • The Philippines offers the most competitive prices for MBBS programs. The cost of tuition is set at a reasonable level, and it may be paid for in manageable installments.
  • Expenses for living and Philippines MBBS fees are within reach.
  • Combining cutting-edge instructional methods, the highest possible quality medical education, and facilities of the highest possible standard.
  • Medical schools that are acknowledged internationally are included in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) directory and have the backing of an international medical graduate council.
  • The only language used in the classroom is English.
  • Students from India can relax thanks to the fact that most Filipinos have a capacity for the English language. There is no need for you to learn the native tongue.
  • Because the MBBS program in the Philippines is modeled after the education system in the United States, students who complete it will be able to transfer their credits and continue their medical studies there.
  • One out of every ten physicians in private practice in the United States is a medical school graduate in the Philippines.
  • The Philippines is responsible for the largest variety of medical graduates sent anywhere globally.
  • An MBBS in Philippines will expose students to a significant amount of cultural variety on the college campus.
  • You will be prepared for the USMLE if you get your MBBS in the Philippines.
  • A little under one hundred percent of pupils who graduate from high school in the Philippines also passed the Board Exam in their own countries.

Medical College Facilities

The Philippines Medical Universities have experienced faculty members, conventional yet synchronized curricula with early clinical integration, an interactive learning process, excellent teaching facilities, and digital pictures and lectures in their classrooms. Clinical training is conducted at the Medical Centre Manila (MCM), ISO 9001 accredited, as well as its satellite facilities and in the Philippines hospital Medical Centre, which is affiliated with the University of the Philippines.

Students at the Philippines Medical Universities have access to various services, the most recent of which is the Dynamic English (DYNED) laboratory, designed to improve student’s English skills. Classrooms equipped with air conditioning, computer and scientific labs, a library that provides access to the internet, audio-visual rooms, and medical, health, and athletic facilities are also available. The Philippines MBBS fees are the most reasonable among all other countries.

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