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The jobs associated with Data Science have been widely uploaded and called one of the hottest jobs of the 20th century. Data is being considered the new oil for whether we should say the new gold in today’s world and decide how a particular organization or an industry will function in the future.

Data Science is one of the most rapidly growing fields that is coming with new developments and advancements made on a daily basis. As a result, more and more businesses and organizations around the globe are striving to onboard skilled and trained Data Scientists in order to take advantage of their exceptional skills and capabilities possessed by them.

Companies are realizing the potential of Data Science and are rushing to explore the advantages Data Science is able to provide them. As a reason for this, companies and industries from every side are struggling to find new applications for Data Science so that they can enhance their productivity and overall output.

Big data analytics are becoming a crucial segment of every organization in the world. However, as the demand for data scientists is increasing globally, companies are facing a shortage of data scientists, and the worst-case scenario is being held in Africa, as you read. 

Even though the number of Data Science training institutions is increasing across the continent, there is still a wide gap between the requirements and the supply. So let’s discuss why Africa is in dire need of Data Scientists more than any other continent.

Reasons Why Africa Requires More Data Scientists

Countless Challenges

Africa has got quite a big population along with numerous challenges that require talented people who are problem solvers. Unfortunately, Africa is lacking behind other continents as they are utilizing the resources and skills that are accessible to them in order to take advantage of the technology age.

To ensure that Africa leads the developing nations and facilitates a better tomorrow, Africa strives to create an impact by producing world-class talent to deal with massive amounts of data. The need for talent associated with data science is increasing more than ever around the world, and it’s time for Africa to outshine other continents and makes a name for itself on the world stage.

Data is the New Oil

It goes without mentioning that each and every organization is generating vast quantities of data today, irrespective of the particular sector they are functioning in. Africa has brought spectacular innovations to existence recently and has been working towards the transformation of the economy and generating revenue for businesses utilizing the potential of Data Science

More innovations can come provided that AI engineers and Data Scientists work collaboratively towards identifying a problem that society is facing and utilizing public or private data in order to facilitate the creation of world-class solutions to help the needy.

Tech Firms are Hiring Top Data Talent of the Continent

It won’t be completely wrong to say that African tech is facing a golden period as tech giants are coming into the continent for recruitment. These recruiters are searching for skills that will help them create an impact on society e while generating revenue. 

Big tech companies are providing internship programs to data practitioners who are less experienced so that they can be aware of what is required to become a data professional.

Data Talent is Growing in Africa

Africa has proven that it has got a lot of potential from several communities such as Masakhane, Zindi, and Deep Learning Indaba (DLI) are spearheading the continent’s efforts. For example, Africa recently organized the largest deep learning event, DLI22, where researchers in the domains of language interacted with each other along with computer visionaries and general data professionals. 

The event was dedicated to addressing mental health challenges and diagnosis of African diseases along with election predictions with the help of Data Science. 

Notable Opportunities 

This goes without saying that the amount of data that organizations are generating will keep on increasing at an even greater rate. We are already well aware of the fact that how adequately the data is handled determines the sustenance, fall, or growth of a company or industry.

How African Institutions Train Good Data Scientists

Institutions in Africa have been teaching mathematics and statistics for quite some time now, and it’s just about the time that they start combining their learnings with the modern tools that are required in the market right now. 

R programming and statistics are some of the most traditional skills that are required to become a Data Scientist. However, many programmers in Africa are gaining skills online, and that too with improved connectivity. 

Africa is certainly in need of data scientists more than any other continent so that they can facilitate tailored solutions to the challenges it faces. Moreover, data has brought an opportunity for Africa to create and develop its own talent to assist businesses in predicting markets, making informed decisions, and preparing for unforeseen catastrophes.

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