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Starting a business is the number one risk that most business persons take. Maintaining the steady flow of income in and out of seasons can be overwhelming in some areas. For these reasons, most business organizations prefer taking their risks in loans to try and increase the flow of income in their premises and fund issues that could cause them to fail if not funded. For instance, the workers in a business ought to be paid irrespective of whether the business is making profits or losses. In most cases, business premises prefer taking their risks in loans as this is the most convenient source of capital in premises. In this blog, I will explore some of the reasons that have caused a lot of business premises to take their risks in loans.

Extended Repayment Period

Nowadays, there are various sources of capital in a business. Some of these sources include owners’ savings, capital investment, and loans. However, other sources other than loans tend to have shorter payment periods that tend to be overwhelming. For instance, a major investor may withdraw their share capital when the business is making losses. Refunding such funds at a go can affect the business negatively. However, businessmen who trust in loans argue that one is given an extended period of repaying the loans. This is critical as the business can effectively plan on the means to use when repaying some of these loans.


In most cases, a business organization will be expected to repay a loan within a period of up to five years. In addition, the loan is not repaid once, but most lenders prefer a situation where business owners pay loans in premiums. This aspect is critical as it allows business premises to make the necessary plans and submit the premiums after a certain period. The amount of these premiums depends on the principal loan, the interest rate, and other charges that might be included to facilitate the loan. In addition, they differ from one lender to the other. 

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Top-up Options

This is arguably one reason as to why business organizations take loans after loans. In other words, some lenders will allow you to take a huge loan, boost your business and clear the impending balance. In other words, if you have a loan balance of $1000, your lender may allow you to take a huge loan of about $10000 and use the funds to clear the initial loan as you expand your business premises. The business organization will have more funds to expand and increase its marketing advantage. In addition, such a plan ensures that businesses remain active and viable irrespective of the seasons at hand. 

In a nutshell, there are various sources of capital that business organizations can embrace. However, many business owners prefer taking their risks in loans as they are convenient and provide an extended plan of repaying them. In other words, if you take a loan as a business owner, you will have up to five years to repay the loan. 

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