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Accounting services for businesses in Canada

Irrespective of the nature of your business, understanding the significance of bookkeeping in ensuring its smooth functioning is pivotal. The very foundation of the accounting system rests on the art of bookkeeping and it is imperative to ensure that the results generated from it are infallible, precise and contemporary.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a qualified CPA firm can alleviate the intimidation factor of learning the intricacies of this craft. These firms can manage your business’s bookkeeping needs and also prepare essential financial statements, as well as handle filing your taxes with the CRA.

Accounting and bookkeeping services involve multiple aspects, among them being bookkeeping, which centers around obtaining, documenting, and structuring receipts, invoices, bank statements, as well as other financial paperwork concerning a business’s operations.

Your accountant can monitor the financial well-being of your business by implementing sound bookkeeping practices and processing all financial data. By calculating ratios such as the gross margin ratio, net profit margin ratio, and return on capital employed, profitability can be accurately established.

It’s critical for Canadian small business owners to monitor their revenue streams and expenses closely to ensure adequate cash flow. Keeping accurate financial records enables them to evaluate their enterprise’s financial health.

Effective bookkeeping enables you to not only complete CRA taxes but also analyze and compare current and past financial data. Consequently, you can detect cost-cutting opportunities by observing patterns and variances. Data contrasts of various business expenses can inspire you to modify your approach and guarantee that you remain profitable.

It is necessary according to the law to maintain financial and tax records for at least six years. In order to enhance security, it is recommended to store corporate financial records in both paper and digital format.

The CRA provides business owners in Canada the opportunity to make a claim for their expenses that fall under tax deductible categories like Meals.

Having an organized financial document not only helps in the preparation of financial statements but also reduces half of the worries associated with CRA taxes. Accurate bookkeeping and updated financial figures will enable you to determine the amount of CRA taxes owing, provided that your revenue streams and profits have been consistent over a span of a few years.

Estimating the amount to reserve for taxes on an annual basis may already be within your grasp.

If you find that you are dedicating excessive time to your business’s bookkeeping, losing valuable business insights or want to increase your pace, don’t hesitate to reach out to GTA Accounting. At some point, delegating your bookkeeping responsibilities can provide greater benefits and enable you to concentrate on more critical aspects of your business.

CFO Services

The survival of businesses in today’s market relies heavily on strategic analysis and management techniques. Small business owners, in particular, devote much of their time to cash flow forecasting and management instead of other crucial aspects of the business. Although smaller companies have merged the Controller and CFO functions, their roles are still vital and should not be overlooked.

Virtual CFO service presents your business with an advantageous chance to leverage our knowledgeable team equipped with industry-leading certifications and hands-on experience. Depending on each client’s unique requirements, we will tailor a personalized solution tailored to their preferences, in case our pre-designed service packages do not suffice.

By combining our Controller and Bookkeeping services with our Virtual CFO function, we offer an all-encompassing accounting and finance solution. Even if you currently have an in-house accountant handling the fundamental bookkeeping tasks, we can still provide our Controller or CFO services at affordable rates. These specialized services employ advanced analytical, planning, and action techniques for optimum outcomes.

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