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Who’s Tooka? the Chicago teen, who had been murdered inside a horrible gang firing around 2012. So, the problem is the reason why is he being so hated nowadays? Following the eight many years of his killing, he’s reappearing within the lyrics of King Von and in discussion on the web.

So, let’s uncover Who Tooka is. Browse the full article to obtain full information


Who’s Tooka?

The great name of “Tooka” is Shondale Gregory but he’s also known by his street name and that he was just a 15-year-old boy from Chicago.

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How did he die?

Around the twelfth of The month of january 2012, Tooka banded in a bus stop awaiting his bus and just that point a vehicle opened up at the front of him. A passenger left that vehicle plus they were seen exchanging a couple of words, immediately after that moment the youthful teen was shot multiple occasions. The youthful boy Tooka was declared dead in the place. He remained even just in an ailment to hurry towards the hospital.


That which was the explanation for his cruel murder?


Like a payback towards the dying of Tooka, GD gang people murdered another BD gang member whose name was Odee Perry and that he was twenty years old. According to reports of Daily mail, Gakirah Barnes, who had been the nearest friend of Tooka, might have been responsible for the murder of Odee Perry. The Mail pronounced her “one of the very most well known female gang people in US history”.

The payback by murdering one another gang people ongoing and Tooka’s nearest friend seemed to be murdered around 2014 in the youthful chronilogical age of 17 also it was expected retribution for that murder of Odee Perry.


How come the rapper King Von have a lot hate against Tooka?

King Von, who’s a rapper from O Block within the south a part of Chicago, is known as after Odee Perry by fellow gang mates. King Von may be the grandchild from the founding father of Black Disciples, David Barksdale, usually known by his street name King Dave.

As part of the conflict between your Chicago gangs, their people brickbat one another most likely through song or on social networking platforms and that’s why King Von has pronounced “smoking Tooka” multiple occasions within the song.


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Should you look into the Dictionary concept of “Smoking Tooka” it’s described like a word accustomed to describe potent marijuana. Originated after Shondale ‘Tooka’ Gregory was murdered (smoked) by Chief Keef’s crew Black Disciples. Now ‘smoking required can be used to humiliate Shondale’s dying.”


In the song, King Von while rapping within the line states “Tooka within my lung, I only say that each time, ’cause she got smoked.”

This line filled with hate may be the cause behind the return of Tooka in news reports once again after eight many because of this , why users in social networking platforms are speculating concerning the reason of hate King Von has for Tooka.


Among the users arrived at to Reddit to convey he feels the explanation for the hate happens because King Von should have been passed from Tooka sooner or later in the past.

Withn the above video, you should check to pronounce “F*** Tooka we required his existence.” This clip was published on Instagram initially and arrived at many viewers and that’s the reason for trending Tooka’s name after eight many years of his murder.

Tooka is among the multiple gang people who had been brutally wiped out after which ribbed online. Yet he is among the couple of names who’s known now by around the globe.

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