Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

As a motivational keynote speaker, Dennis Loos works with people and organizations to enhance their communication, connection, and confidence so that they may have a significant influence on the world. Passionately coaching his customers to improve and raise their strategic vision to greater heights, he serves as a mentor.

With over eight years of expertise in corporate training, a talent for building meaningful connections with audiences, and an insatiable desire to help people achieve their potential, Dennis understands how to rock a stage, connect with an audience, and deliver training so that others may do the same.

Its down-to-earth style of Dennis motivates listeners to laugh while learning. He engages audiences from the time he takes the stage and provides them with empowered skills and focused attitudes that they will continue to utilize long after the lights go down. Dennis is enthusiastic about people, leadership, and the success of enterprises. He is highly motivated to assist others in reaching new heights in their jobs and lives.

Dennis was named one of Michigan Oakland County Executive Elite 40 Under 40, Mr. Michigan Plus America 2015, and a contender on NBC’s The Biggest Speaker. Dennis Loos has gained praise and acclaim from publications such as Vogues, Inc., Cryptocurrency, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.


Dennis explains Forex charts to his pupils when he is not speaking on the podium, establishing a universe that comprehends the Metaverse. Dennis makes himself accessible to anyone interested in using the Bitcoin or NFT world through his Academy or Online courses. He has made massive and substantial Crypto investments, whether earning or investing, and he is not hesitant to teach others the path.

His company, Infinity Income Team, is one of the world’s first network marketing academy providers. He established the Academy in Dubai to instruct on the development and sharing of wealth.

In the Journal, Dennis Loos is one of the most popular authors of “Instaguru” (co-authored with Patrick Valentini). His book is now being translated into other languages, including Turkish, Korean, Italian, French, English, Chinese, and Japanese, allowing it to reach his readers worldwide.


An influential Instagram personality, He has more than 480,000 followers on Instagram. Consistently acknowledged as a successful Network marketer on social media, he is often ranked among the top influencers due to his ambassadorial partnerships with large corporations. Because of the popularity of his book, he has gone locally and worldwide to share his expertise with his fans. Dennis Loos has also written a book named “Instaguru,” which explains how to become a great Social Media user or marketer and monetize the platform.



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