Fri. Sep 29th, 2023
White Oak Hardwood Flooring

It’s time to make some major changes around the house. One thing that you want to do is get rid of the wall to wall carpeting and install hardwood floors. The option of using white oak hardwood flooring in several rooms has come to your attention. Is this a good choice? Here are a few of the reasons why this is a solution you want to consider closely. 

Excellent Moisture Resistance

Among all the choices that you could make, white oak is one of the best when it comes to resisting moisture. That’s good news if you plan on using it in rooms where spills may occur. While you still want to clean up the spills as soon as possible, it’s nice to know that the wood is slow to absorb liquids.

This is especially helpful if you have kids in the home who may spill beverages from time to time. In most instances, a moist cloth will soak up most of the problem. Blotting with a clean dry cloth will remove the remaining liquid. Once done, no one will ever know anything was spilled. 

Holds Up Well as the Years Pass

Durability is definitely a quality that white oak provides. The density of the wood lends itself well in terms of being more difficult to scratch. Even if something happens to create a scratch, it’s likely to be less noticeable. That’s due to the nature of the wood grain itself. 

As long as you keep the floors clean, they will hold their appearance for a long time. In fact, you may find yourself having to invest in new furnishings more than once before the floors begin to show any signs of wear. Even then, refinishing white oak easily restores their appearance and provides a few more decades of beauty as well as reliable performance. 

Cleaner Grain Than Some Other Choices

The grain in your new white oak hardwood flooring does more than help hide scratches. The grain itself tends to be clearer than in other hardwood choices. This helps to provide the floors with more visual appeal. Even so, the grain will not overpower the other elements within the room. Instead, that grain is likely to enhance the look of your furnishings. 

That clearer grain can also be helpful in terms of hiding grime in between cleanings. That’s helpful if you have pets or kids who track in dirt on a daily basis. Until you do have a free moment to go over the floors, they won’t look as messy as some of the other flooring options on the market today. 

A Diverse Color Palette

Not everyone understands that the color options for white oak extend beyond white. In fact, it can have a darker hue than red oak or maple. The versatility of the palette is one of the reasons why it’s so easily paired with different types of décor. 

You can go with white oak if you prefer a more contemporary look. It will also work well in a rustic style for the room. People who like traditional décor will also find that white oak blends right in and will look great for years. If you’re the type who enjoys changing the look of a space every few years, it’s nice to know the floor is one element that can remain in place. 

There’s more to learn about white oak hardwood. Talk with a contractor and compare this option to other types of hardwood. You’re likely to find this is the ideal solution for your home renovation ideas. 

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