Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

Different people have different ways of conveying messages. Some are proficient enough to make people understand their point in a few words, others take a lot more than a few words. The effective communicator is the one who is capable of doing it quickly. Similarly, a teacher who is not able to convey the message effectively is, unfortunately, hurting the students. Various entities are providing home tutors in Karachi service to streamline the learning of students.

Following are some of the teaching styles in use by tutors.

Teaching to complete the course

This mode of teaching looks good on paper and it makes the majority of the students happy as they feel confident by completing the syllabus, but it won’t do much good. This is a rushed teaching style that will not guarantee a good result.

Understanding oriented teaching

As opposed to completing the course teaching style, this is a far better approach to teaching. It inspires kids to look at academic stuff with an open mind instead of parrot learning. It prepares kids to face challenging question papers where the approach is to assess understanding instead of writing lengthy answers.

Teaching for fame

These are teachers who are very vocal in class and have their focus on lectures. Their friendliness and speaking ability grant them charisma which attracts kids to them. They have a full class throughout the session. Unfortunately, when exam time approaches and students get serious, they find an incomplete syllabus and almost no stuff to learn from. This is the teaching style that works for the tutor in the financial sense but this is not good for the kids.

1-1 teaching

This is the most preferred teaching style as it allows the uninterrupted interaction between the tutor and student. It is a blessing for the kids who have difficulty in a formal classroom environment where they hesitate to ask questions or express their inability of understanding due to their shyness. In order to offer a 1-1 teaching facility, Nini’s Tutor academy offers online tutors for national and international curricula.

Student-centric teaching

Striving to teach every student to near perfection is a daunting task. A normal class comprises a minimum of 20 students, and getting every one of them prepared for exams makes this style of teaching very painstaking. This works better for students as their teacher is sincerely working to teach them.

Inquisitive teaching

Our national teaching curriculum is far from an inquisitive teaching style. However, this style of teaching is sure to produce a competent workforce in the generations to come. It is a practical approach to teaching which is the need in our present situation.


The education system we have in Pakistan is a mix of foreign and national curricula. The best one is the understanding-oriented learning system along with the theoretical writing ability (i.e writing answers). Rote learning has so far been the major part of our education system, but recently there are changes being made to bring it on par with the international standard.

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