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Neon Illuminated Signs

The effect of well-designed illuminated signs can’t be duplicated by other types of signs, regardless of their size, shape, or content. At night, when people are more likely to be out and about, this internal signage really stands out.

As a result, this sort of sign has long been a popular choice!

Custom-designed illuminated signs are available at SignWorld Group. Select a solution that is ideal for your company’s needs. Let’s talk about some of the choices available in this regard.

The LED or the Neon: Which Is Better?

Both LED and Neon signs are, on the surface, signs that are lighted in some way. “Glowing” is a good word to describe them both. It is true, however, that their structure and how they attain their luminosity differ. Many options exist for lighting a sign, but LED-based signs are the most popular and commonly utilized method. They’re less expensive, use less electricity, and look well with just about any sort of signage than classic fluorescent lights.

Neon signs on the other hand use trapped gasses to create their glowing effects. Gas molecules are excited by electricity and emit light as it passes through them. Crafting neon signs requires a high degree of skill.

LEDs, on the other hand, have replaced neon illuminated signs throughout the years since they are more cost-effective and environmentally benign.

However, neon signs are making a comeback as a symbol of the past. It is possible to utilize LEDs to illuminate various sorts of signs, including channel letters and low-cost lightboxes, since they are powerful and inexpensive. These can be your best internal signage solutions!

In the end, it’s up to you!

While LED lighting may be effective in many situations, neon signs are a superior option if you’re looking to match a certain theme.

The Different Types of Illuminated LED and Neon Signage

In today’s market, there are many possibilities. Lightbox or cabinet signs, front-lit channel letter signs, reverse-lit channel letter signs, neon signs, and externally-lit signs are the most prevalent. Clients may work with designers to create a style that is specifically tailored to their company’s needs.

Cabinet Signs or Lightboxes

These feature a minimalistic design with built-in lighting. Fluorescent lamps or LED lights are often used as the light source for signs, which shine through a clear panel. This panel includes your company’s logo, name, or other relevant information.

Despite their low price, these signs are very visible both during the day and at night.

Signs with Channel Letters on the Front

Front-lit illuminated signs have become one of the most popular LED sign designs in recent years. Each letter is lit from the front, allowing the various hues to truly pop out. Displays both indoors and outside may make use of this signage.

Channel Letter Signs with Backlighting / Reverse Lighting / Halo Lighting

A more refined effect may be achieved by using this internal signage solution, which has an ethereal aspect. From a distance, it is possible to make out every letter and element because of the lit backgrounds they have.Unlike ordinary lightbox signs, halo-lit signs have a distinct aesthetic and may be lighted with a wide range of colors and patterns. Each part of the channeled metal writing is illuminated by LED or neon lights from behind to create a contemporary aesthetic.

Neon Signs

Neon signs have been around for a long time. They have a timeless aesthetic that evokes memories of days gone by. They may be used both inside and outdoors, and their pleasant glow is unlike any other lighting system.


There’s a good probability that when you think of the signs you remember from the last century, they’ll be neon signs.

Externally Illuminated Signs

An external light source, such as a gooseneck or barn light, a bulb attached at the foot of a sign, or even a concealed light source, illuminates externally-lit signs.

These are some of our most popular illuminated signage.

Digital Signs

Digital signage is very active and noticeable whether they are placed inside or outside a structure. It is common for them to be displayed at retail stores, churches, business buildings, and live entertainment venues.

These sorts of signs are ideal for locations where passers-by may easily see the sign since they are situated near a road or a sidewalk.

Monochrome LED Signs

Text-only LED or single-color signage might benefit from monochromatic LED signs. As long as you don’t cram too much text onto the sign, the monochromatic effect works incredibly well for conveying your message. LED lighting is much more efficient than any other sort of lighting.

Take Away

External and internal signage, such as LEDs, and push-through letters are further possibilities. SignWorld Group can make whatever design you desire for any sign, so talk to them about your ideas. You can utilize them creatively wherever you think they’d work best.


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