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Education is one of the most important social functions we have, and it’s important that we make the most of it not just as individuals but as a society as a whole. One of the barriers that can often get in the way of a good education is a lack of money. There are many educational systems that tend to exclude the less well-off in our cultures, for the simple fact that they are expensive to pay for.

If you are wondering about how to get an education that is decent without having to be rich, there are actually many countries in the world that do offer free education, even all the way up to the high school level. Some countries even offer free educational institutions far beyond that point. Let’s take a look at some of the countries which offer this, so you have a better sense of where in the world you could go for that.

The Countries With Free Education

There are a lot of countries that offer free education up to high school, but which are the best to go for? The different countries offer a variety of benefits and drawbacks within their systems, so they are by no means made alike. But before we get into the details of each of those countries, let’s first take an overview and look at the top countries that offer this kind of free education up to high school.

  1. Germany
  2. Norway
  3. Sweden
  4. Austria
  5. Finland
  6. Czechia
  7. France
  8. Belgium
  9. Greece
  10. Spain

As we have mentioned, there are many more countries that offer free education up to at least high school, but these ten are often regarded as some of the best regarding the many benefits that they offer alongside that main advantage. Let’s look at the top few to determine why it is that they have made it to the top of the list.


Germany has to come very top of the list when it comes to offering not just free education, but free education which also happens to be extremely high quality. You can expect to get a remarkably good education in Germany, and in fact they even offer free schooling way past high school level, all the way up to higher education.


If you want to go studying anywhere in the world, you should definitely consider Norway as a possibility. This beautiful European country is not just a lovely place to study, but you can get free education all the way up through university level. What’s more, you can get it regardless of your nationality, so anyone can go and get the education they need regardless of who they are or where they come from.


In Sweden, it is considered vital that everyone receives an education, which is why you’ll never pay a penny for it – even though it is one of the best education systems in the world! It’s definitely worth looking at Sweden if you are keen on great education for very little money, so take a look today.

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