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A dresser is one of the most practical pieces of furniture. It can be used to store just about anything and has an infinite number of purposes, even outside of bedrooms. If you’re looking for a unique storage option for your home, mirrored dressers offer both practicality and a touch of sophistication and class. These pieces rose in popularity during the Art Deco period of the 1920s. Although this look may not suit everyone’s taste, many homeowners choose to incorporate this style in their homes today.

No matter which room you decide to use this intriguing piece, its reflective properties bring expansiveness and light.  Here are some ideas for where to place your new mirrored bedroom dresser.

Dining Room

Placing a mirrored dresser in the dining room is a great way to bring additional light into the space. Use the dresser to store extra silverware, dishes, and linens. You could also utilize the top of a large, mirrored dresser as a bar and display your favorite glassware. Repurpose it into a sideboard or buffet for a special event. It’s the perfect way to display and serve dinner and desserts to your guests.

Living Room

A mirrored dresser is a fantastic alternative to the average, boring TV stand. It’s also a practical place to store throw blankets, toys, and electronic gaming devices. Use a small dresser to replace an end table or place it behind a couch. Display your family photos on the top, along with vases of fresh flowers. Instead of a coffee table, use a unique pair of book ends and display your favorite reading materials on the dresser. Place a couple of small lamps if you need additional lighting in your living room. A group of candles creates a cozy mood when lit, especially on top of a mirrored surface.

Home Office

To dress up a home office, add a mirrored dresser. The unique look adds a bit of pizazz and flair to the room, perfect for those who work from home. Turn the piece into a printer station and use the drawers to store reams of paper and supplies. You could also repurpose the drawers into a filing cabinet for important documents. Add organizers to drawers to keep smaller items, like pens, notepads, and paperclips, neat and tidy. A mirrored dresser also serves as the perfect focal point whenever you have to get on a video conference call!


If you have a large bathroom and need additional storage, consider using a dresser. The mirrored surface is perfect for a vanity or displaying your makeup, perfume, or jewelry. Some homeowners might even choose to repurpose the dresser and fit in a sink and faucet for a completely unique bathroom experience. Store extra towels, linens, and robes in the drawers. If your dresser is heavy or tall, make sure to attach it to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

Guest Suite

When you plan on hosting guests for an extended period of time, putting a mirrored dresser in the guest suite adds a nice touch of style and class. Not only is it a place for them to store their belongings, but they’ll likely remember the piece for years to come. Add a small TV and lamps to make the room feel more like home. Consider stringing lights around the dresser to create a relaxed atmosphere. Even if you don’t have guests stay with you often, a guest room is the perfect pace to store extra bedding, linens, and toiletries. You can also use the storage for seasonal clothing items and decorations.

Primary Bedroom

Bedrooms are the most likely place for mirrored dressers. The way these pieces reflect light coming in from windows adds a sense of elegance and grace. Display sentimental items and souvenirs from trips on the top portion, along with photos of family and friends. Add a vase of fragrant flowers, like lavender and sage, to set a mood of relaxation. Place an antique tray on the surface and use it to display ornate perfume bottles. If you have a walk-in closet, a mirrored dresser is a unique way to liven up a space often difficult to decorate.

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