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When it comes to our personal effects being stolen, there are few things more gut wrenching than jewelry theft. While most other expensive items can be replaced, family heirlooms, engagement rings, and prized one-of-a-kind treasures hold a sentimental value that makes them irreplaceable. 

Even when insurance pays out, the emotional hole left by stolen jewelry can be sizable. Making matters worse, many victims often find themselves waiting for progress from police investigations that simply never comes. In these moments, there are still pro-active avenues open to exploration. If you’re wondering where to find stolen jewelry—or indeed, whether a private investigator for jewelry theft might be the very ally you need—read on.

  • How Common Is Jewelry Theft?

The alarming truth is that jewelry theft is all too common. So much so that the FBI has a dedicated Jewelry and Gem Theft Program and reports that six-figure-sums-worth of jewelry stolen in the US each year. These crimes become a federal matter because jewelry theft rings often traverse city or state lines and cross over into other areas of criminality. As worrying as that may sound, the good news is that the frequency of these kinds of crimes mean that we are able to analyze and understand them well, and make educated predictions about where to find stolen jewelry and how perpetrators may slip up.

For those in possession of precious jewelry items, adequate insurance is a prudent pursuit. There are also certain protective steps to take that may help should the worst ever occur. Keeping receipts or documentation and taking plenty of high-quality pictures of your treasured items will not only aid in a claim, but may help police investigators or a specialized jewelry theft private investigator pick up the trail of your beloved missing item. Of course, the power of hindsight is a bitter-sweet thing when jewelry theft has already occurred. So what should you do if the search for stolen jewelry has already become your reality?

  • Knowing Where to Find Stolen Jewelry

Even if you don’t think the police will find the thief, calling them should still be your first port of call. That’s because they can check and monitor the local inventories of stolen items that have been recovered, and their report will be a must for your insurance company. From there, you can check in with local jewelers and pawn shops, and online sale sites like Craigslist, eBay, and Social Media marketplaces because there’s a good chance that the thief will be looking to convert their loot into cold hard cash as soon as possible. If you do discover your stolen property, don’t try to confront the criminal yourself.

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While frustrations with slow progress from the police might make you eager to launch into your own jewelry theft investigation, there is another type of specialist at your disposal. Licensed private investigators take on the tasks of tracking down things like stolen jewelry and art everyday, and have access to resources—such as digital forensics tools, surveillance equipment, and access to databases used by law enforcement—that the amateur sleuth simply does not. If you would like to speak to a seasoned jewelry theft investigator, the team here at Lauth Investigations International is ready to take your call. We will guide you through your options and outline a strategy to recover that which cannot be measured by dollar value alone, so get in touch today.

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