When Working in Heights – Better to be Safe Than Sorry 

When Working in Heights – Better to be Safe Than Sorry 

March 15, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey


We often come across incidents where accidents happen just because people did not take adequate safety measures. Especially when it comes to high-risk jobs in and around, high rise buildings, manufacturing units, factories and more. Suppose you are working in one such arena or are starting a business that takes up such dangerous jobs. In that case, you should make sure that you invest a reasonable amount of time and investment to build a suitable safety infrastructure for yourself and your employees. After all, life happens only once, and life is precious!

Precautions and Safety Measures That You Should Incorporate While Working In Heights

  • Install Railings

Railings are super important not only for the workers who are working on a height but even when it comes to housing structures. These are the best barriers that you can think of when it comes to fall preventive measures. Railings will help you to be safe if you are about to slip or at all times provide support as an added safety and security. Ensure that you have a good quality professionally installed railing at all times if you have a terrace but especially if you are working.

  • Issue Proper Safety Kits

There is a reason why safety kits came into existence; probably someone injured himself, and thus, these kits and gears were creating. If you work on a height and especially if it needs you to swing through the exterior building area, then remember to double-check your harness’s strength if you are wearing your protective goggles, the best quality helmet and kneecaps. Never compromise with the quality or a time crunch when it comes to assessing your safety kit’s quality and wearability! 

  • Use Ladders, Lifts and Scaffolds

The use of ladders, lifts and scaffolds differ as per the structure of the building and the job that has to be performed there. Using a scaffold will be a viable option if you are painting your windows or whitewashing your house. Using a lift would mostly happen when you are operating on taller buildings and when none of these two options seems like a fair deal, then use the ladder. Remember always to measure the fall distance and use a harness of the suitable length accordingly! 

  • Proper Training

Started from using a ladder to going up on the moon to baking a chocolate cake. You always need proper training to ace your skills or move up on your performance ladder. So, make sure that the team that you hire is professionally trained and equipped with all the safety kits! It is also advised not to sign up for such a high-risk job if you are not trained and certified! 

  • Guardrail Warning Line

What happens if the roof that you are working on is unprotected and has no permanent railing? People often get so engrossed in work that it is difficult to remember all the topsy turvy areas. At such times, the workforce should use a guardrail warning line using which is in the form of a rope, wire or chain that warns that workers that they are approaching the edge of the building!

Final Statement

Being dedicated to one’s work is the best thing ever, but at the same time, it is crucial as an owner, as a worker or just someone who is taking the service to be highly cautious of the environment. Anyone whose job demands him/her to be on a certain risky height and fix things should always ensure adequate safety and prompt medical services in that area! 

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