Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Are you searching for a practical, easy installation, and hassle-free product that can help improve and upgrade your way of living at home? And, do you struggle with ensuring that pesky outdoor irritants, like insects and dust, remain out of your home? Not to mention, if you have pets or children, this dilemma can be exacerbated further. Well, we have the perfect solution. Sometimes, these unwanted outdoor elements and bugs enter our homes for various reasons all of the time. For example, many of us have pets and often need to enter and leave home. But the magnetic screens for doors are a great way to make this no big deal, as it will help keep the bugs and other unwanted outdoor elements out while giving you, along with your family, a more effortless way to enter and exit the home. With magnetic screens for doors, you can let fresh air into your home and have an unobstructed view of everything outside. The magnetic screens for doors truly make letting fresh air into your home while keeping nature out significantly more accessible, manageable, and effective.  

How Can Magnetic Screens for Doors Help Homes With Pets? 

Typically, when we have pets in our homes, especially dogs, we open and close various doors within the house for several reasons. For example, most dogs need to go outside to relieve themselves, for potty training, and to be active in general. But the magnetic screens for doors from Flux Phenom are a perfect solution, as they are entirely pet friendly. They are excellent for homes without built-in doggy doors since the door net provides the chance for your pets, dog or cat, to enter and exit your home as they like, in turn eliminating the task of you always having to get up to open and close the door for them or when taking them on walks. The best part of the magnetic screens for doors in regards to your pet is that it is a fantastic way for you to help potty train your new dog or puppy. By this, your pet will be able to let themselves in and out as they please and learn to potty train quicker and more efficiently. Not only are the magnetic screens for doors pet-friendly, but they can even be an excellent tool for you to use for potty training your dog. Further, installing one can help make your life more effortless in general if you have pets, as it eliminates the need for you to constantly get up to open the door for your pet to go outside, whether for play or the bathroom.

How Can Magnetic Screens for Doors Help Homes With Children? 

Other family members, especially children, often open and close doors frequently and sometimes tend to keep doors open for more extended periods than necessary. Children often do so for many different reasons. For example, many kids will leave the door ajar, potentially forgetting to shut it altogether if they go outside to play in the backyard. But with the magnetic screens for doors installed in your home, you will not need to worry at all, as this will not be an issue any longer. Children can enter and exit the home freely with the magnetic screen for doors, and you do not need to worry about bugs or other outdoor elements getting inside when they do so. And the best part is that the mesh of the magnetic screens for doors will not hinder your views of what is happening outside, so you can still keep an eye on and watch out for your children if this is the case when they are out.


People with children and pets often need to enter and leave their home frequently, due to their child or pet, for various reasons and tend to leave the door open for longer than usual. Doing so generally leads to even more unwanted outdoor elements entering the home. However, you have an excellent solution with magnetic screens for doors in your home. Magnetic screens for doors also have a mesh that does not hinder your view, so you can still see what is happening outside. After installing it, you can get in and out of your home hands-free and hassle-free and let the fresh air breeze throughout your home with the assurance that pesky bugs and other outdoor irritants will remain outside.

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