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When people think about sports, they view it mainly in terms of physical fitness. Regular exercises are essential, but injuries while exercising or for sportspeople at times are inevitable. These injuries include falls, or collide, leading to severe or minor injuries and pain.

However, we cannot overlook the importance of a sports massage before and after participating in sporting activities. Apart from helping you manage the pain, a massage helps relax your muscles, and you are less stressed and thus in your best physical and mental shape.

This article focuses on why you get a sports massage, the dos, and don’ts before going to a massage, and when is the right time for sportspeople to get a massage.

  • Pre-event Massage

Therapists advise that it is better to schedule a pre-event massage 4-7 days before the event. That way, your massage therapists can get deep into the muscles and smooth out tension and the knots so that your body is relaxed and ready for the event. 

If you forgot to schedule early, you could also receive a massage a day or two before the event, but it won’t be as thorough because you may end up feeling sore during the event.

  • Massage during the invent

There are massage booths on the day of the event for the participants. However, these massages are very quick so that the sportsperson can relax, and they help eliminate pain so that it does not affect them as they continue participating in the sport.

  • Post-event Massage

After the event, the athletes’ muscles may be sore or inflamed, and they may have injuries. Thus they need a soothing and relaxing massage to remove tension and soreness in the muscles and help in managing pain. You can schedule a massage 24 hours after the event because the pain would have lessened or 2-3 days after the event if you feel that you need a hard session.

Sports Massage in Singapore can help you learn everything you need to know about a sports massage and what benefits you get from it.

Dos And Don’ts Of Massage

Here is what you should do before and after going for a massage session

  • Make sure you are well hydrated because dehydration makes the muscles stiffer
  • Be ready to answer all the questions the therapist may have
  • Take a shower before the massage because it helps you relax
  • Ensure you rest well after a massage or Physiotherapy session to remove soreness
  • Drink enough water after a massage as it helps flush out toxins
  • Eat well after the session because massage stimulates blood flow to muscles; thus your blood should contain the crucial nutrients

Here are the things you should avoid before and after a sports massage

  • Avoid taking drugs such as pain killers and muscle relaxers
  • Do not hide information about your back pain injuries or any allergies you have to scents and oils
  • Do not consume any alcoholic drink
  • Avoid food for at least 60 minutes before a massage


The Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore helps sportspeople by offering a wide range of sports therapy to ensure that you are fully relaxed and ready for an event. You can also schedule a post-event massage if you get injuries while participating, and they will help you manage the pain and heal faster.


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