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What’s the Average IT Career Salary?

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IT Career Salary

A career in Information Technology (IT) is worth pursuing. This career field is growing rapidly and includes high-paying jobs with room for advancement.

In fact, the number of jobs in IT is expected to increase by 13% through the end of the decade. As the number of high-profile hackings increases, major companies are turning to IT employees to protect their data. As a result, it is common for IT employees to earn six figures regardless of their place of employment.

Read on to learn what the average IT career salary is. Explore topics such as how to start an IT career and training requirements.

What Is the Average IT Career Salary?

The average salary depends on the type of IT career that you pursue as there are many specific roles to fill within the IT community. Granted, the higher-paying salaries are typically attributed to careers that require the most experience, qualifications, and secondary education. You can use a salary comparison tool to see just how much the pay scale can vary between specific careers

The top-paying career in the IT industry is a computer and information research scientist. You need a master’s degree to land this role. In 2020, the median pay for this position was nearly $127,000.

Computer network architects make the second-most amount of money. They clear $116,000 on average and can earn more depending on experience and location.

Both software developers and information security analysts earn over six figures. Database administrators and architects are increasingly in demand.

This position requires creating a secure place to store data. The career’s importance results in a nearly six-figure salary on average.

Computer systems analysts and programmers earn approximately $90,000. Web developers earn more than $77,000 on average for creating and maintaining websites.

The lowest paying job in the IT industry is a computer support specialist. This is the only career that does not require a bachelor’s degree but still pulls in over $55,000 per year.

How to Start an IT Career?

The best place to start a career in IT is by signing up for college courses. The vast majority of IT careers require a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. There are some positions that require a master’s degree and advanced training.

Often, IT companies require their employees to receive prerequisite and continuing education training courses. For instance, your company may require you to take IT service management courses. Because the IT world is constantly evolving, employers are laser-focused on keeping their workers sharp on the latest and greatest.

Who Employs IT Workers?

At this stage, very few companies do not have an IT worker on staff. Any company that collects or processes data requires an IT employee.

Both federal and state governments hire IT workers. In the private industry, various sectors such as financial, insurance, and retail corporations rely on IT employees. Without IT workers, your favorite store could not offer online shopping or safely collect your data to make important corporate decisions.

Your Guide to a Career in IT

Clearly, a career in IT is appealing. It offers great pay, advancement opportunity, and meaning. You can live a fulfilling life as an IT professional while also earning a six-figure salary.

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