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YouTube Studio has undergone several changes in recent versions. You will now have more options to manage your channel, improve performance monitoring, and interact with your fans. This desktop version of the video-making software will help you build your YouTube channel into an empire! Read on to discover what’s new in YouTube Studio Desktop. Also, learn how to manage multiple YouTube channels at once with this free download. We’ll go over how to use each feature and how to get the most out of YouTube Studio.

Super Chat

How to enable Super Chat on the studio desktop? If you are using YouTube login desktop, you can enable the feature from the Channel area of your YouTube account. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers and monetized your channel in order to use super chat. If you wish to allow viewers to donate on your live chat room, you must acknowledge them in return. Here are some quick tips to enable Super Chat. After enabling the feature, follow these steps to get started:

First, make sure you’re on the desktop version of YouTube. Make sure you’re in portrait mode and that the dollar sign is visible. Once you’ve selected the option, click “Add Credits”. You can also manually input other dollar amounts. Once the transaction is complete, you’ll be able to use the feature on your computer or the YouTube Android app. You can download the app from takes app. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before making your purchase.


You can now access YouTube Analytics on your mobile device, too. You can access this feature by tapping on the Analytics menu from the main navigation bar. This feature includes familiar charts and reports, but with a mobile twist. It shows how many views your videos are getting and what channels they’re coming from. You can even export your data and compare it to the data in your desktop analytics program. However, you might want to spend more time in this area.

The Analytics tab in YouTube Studio has a new section called “Returning Viewers”. This tab joins the Unique Viewers and Subscribers tabs. The data can be filtered by date and time to find out which period is most relevant. The new viewers column shows how many unique viewers have viewed your video in the last 30 days. On the other hand, the “Returning Viewers” section shows how many viewers came to your channel in the last 12 months, a year, or more.

Content tab

If you want to get more viewers for your videos, you should create playlists. YouTube videos in niche categories tend to get more views, so creating playlists will help you increase your watch time metric. You can easily organize your playlists in the playlist tab. Here are some tips to create playlists:

To create a playlist, you must first have a trailer and a featured video on your channel page. These are the building blocks of a channel page, and without a video trailer and featured video, the page will just look empty and sad. The next tab, the Channel page, is dedicated to branding. You can change your channel icon, banner art, and add a watermark. Your audience will be able to view your videos if they have a watermark, which works like a subscription button.

Manage multiple YouTube channels at once

YouTube Studio makes it easy to manage multiple YouTube channels at once. YouTube allows you to set the permissions of different users, so that they only have access to certain channels. For example, you can add the owner of a brand channel to the list of people who can manage the account. You can also remove other owners and managers of your account. You can also choose to make certain users manager, but they cannot actually use YouTube. Also know about avple 

Once you have set up a YouTube account, you can create additional channels using the same email address. To create a new YouTube channel, simply log in to your main account and pick a new name for it. You can also create a separate channel for business or branding purposes. Each of the channels can have different privacy settings, so it’s wise to set up separate channels for each. You can even switch between the channels from the same page, if necessary.

Earn revenue

You can view your analytics reports. This feature helps you to see your estimated revenue for the month, as well as historical data. You can also view your total number of views, watch time, and earnings. You can also use this information to appeal the removal of your Partner Program. You can earn more by increasing your viewership and video views. But, how do you earn more with YouTube Studio? It is quite simple: just click on the “Revenue” tab and choose the type of data you’d like to see.

YouTube studio allows you to monetize your content with AdSense. YouTube offers a variety of ad formats and ad placements, including video and static ads. YouTube will pay you up to 55 percent of the ad revenue that you generate through your channel. To earn money from AdSense, you must have at least 4,000 watch hours over the past year. Once you’re eligible, YouTube will email you a confirmation email. You can also disable this feature from your dashboard anytime.

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