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If you are interested in a career as a locksmith, there are several things you need to know before beginning your search. These factors include job description, educational requirements, and career outlook. Read on to learn more about becoming a locksmith. Also, find out how to choose the right school for you. In the end, you will be more informed when it comes to choosing a career! Locksmith jobs can be rewarding, so be sure to check out the list of recommended colleges!

Job Description

A locksmith performs skilled work on a variety of locks. He cuts new keys for authorized personnel and maintains desks, display cases, and locks. Locksmiths service also repair and replace door security components, such as tumblers and springs. His job description also outlines how he assists others, provides personal care, and identifies educational needs. A locksmith may direct the work of other staff members on specific projects. This section of a locksmith’s job description should emphasize the work experience of the employee.

As an experienced locksmith, you will have extensive knowledge about locks and other security devices. You will need to be able to cut and repair keys, as well as program electronic access controls. You may be required to work long hours, in cramped positions, and stoop for long periods of time. Additionally, the job description for a locksmith may include exposure to hazardous materials and dangerous situations. But you’ll get plenty of variety from your job description!

A locksmith’s job description includes key duties and responsibilities. Some locksmiths may also install new locks, service existing ones, or adjust locks. They may issue keys and keep records of these. These professionals work with residential, commercial, and industrial establishments. Locksmiths also install, adjust, and repair all types of locks including home automation. They maintain the safety of a property and advise clients about security measures. They may even sell locks. So if you’re interested in a career in this field, you should review this job description.

Education Requirements

If you’re interested in becoming a locksmith, you don’t need a college degree. There are several apprenticeships that offer both paid and unpaid experience. While many apprenticeships offer hands-on training, others are designed to give students more knowledge. In either case, it’s important to be mentored by a certified or licensed locksmith. These apprenticeships will help you build valuable experience for your future career. After you complete an apprenticeship, you can apply for a paid position in a locksmithing business.

A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for locksmiths, though some may pursue postsecondary programs. Community colleges and vocational schools offer locksmith programs. Typically, these programs focus on key locks, door/frame preparation, deadbolts, electronic systems, and magnetic systems. In addition, many aspiring locksmiths complete an apprenticeship, which can last anywhere from one to twelve months. Some states require locksmiths to be licensed or accredited by the Associated Locksmiths of America.

Apprentices must earn 8,000 hours of study to become certified. Apprentices must complete three phases of the apprenticeship. In the first phase, the apprentice will study the theory and practice of key and lock installation and replacement. During the second phase, the apprentice will take a written examination assessing their knowledge of ten mandatory categories. After passing the written exam, they must pass two elective sections, a practical test in safe and vault installation, and an oral examination in lock repair and installation.

Career Outlook

The career outlook for locksmiths is fairly poor. The job market for locksmiths is projected to decline -3.1% between 2016 and 2026, according to Career Explorer. Using this data, it is estimated that the US will require approximately 3,300 locksmiths in the next decade. This figure includes about 4,200 retirees. However, the job market should continue to provide poor employment opportunities for locksmiths in the foreseeable future.

The need for locksmiths is expected to increase. By 2018, 8,950 new jobs will be created. That’s a 7.06 percent annual increase. Locksmiths will need to invest in key cutting machines and software for code retrieval. In addition to keys, locksmiths will need a number of other small tools. The following is a list of some common tools used by locksmiths. These tools will make their work easier. These tools are available at most locksmith supply stores.

Locksmiths must learn about the latest technologies to stay current. They can build on this trend by attending workshops and conferences and networking with other professionals in the field. Become familiar with current cybersecurity trends to better protect businesses from cyberattacks. Many locksmiths choose to become entrepreneurs, opening their own shop or security consulting firm. Still others are happy to work as educators at trade schools. These people can build a successful business while making a living.

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