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What You Know About Block Puzzle

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Block Puzzle is one of the easiest pass-time games you can download on your device and enjoy during a foggy Sunday morning or hot Monday afternoons. The game is entertaining and improves your problem-solving skills. In other words, the game sponsors your mental and physical wellbeing.

Currently, the game is enjoying immense popularity. One of the reasons attributed to this is its pro features. So let us get behind its developers’ minds and find out some of the interesting features of the block puzzle.

Block Puzzle’s Features 

  • Each day, a player has a chance to compete in various daily challenges. During each challenge, you will receive unique rewards such as trophies recognizing you for being a better gamer.
  • Blocks come in an array of shapes to fulfill a full circle entertainment plan where players can enjoy the diversity of shapes.
  • The game has many shared similarities with Sudoku. So gamers who are familiar with Sudoku can play this 9 by 9 block puzzle game with ease.
  • The game has various animated postcards emulating seasonal events. This allows a gamer to match the outdoor environment with the game’s wonderful scenes.
  • With block puzzles on your device, you can join various competitions with other players, beat them, and ascend on the leader’s board.
  • Combos 

Experienced players have mastered the art of using their deadly moves of destroying several tiles on the game’s board at once. This tactic of destroying several tiles at once is called a combo. With intense usage of combos, players ascend to the upper level within a very short time.

  • Color Themes 

One of the most interesting things about block puzzles is the availability of various color themes. Here, players can choose the classic wooden block puzzle or try out the minimalist cube lock game. In either way, the enticing color themes will keep you engaged during the gaming process.

  • Challenging Goals 

Never stop pushing for higher achievements by challenging yourself. You can only do this with the block puzzle’s ability to help you set new and challenging goals. Also, by trying to beat your friend or setting up new high scores, you are training your thinking skills.

  • Streak –Similar to combo, streak allows you to destroy several blocks with very few moves.
  • As an addictive game, a block puzzle can help you break your boredom or help you train your problem-solving skill anytime you wish to do so and anywhere you are located.
  • The app is available for android device version 5.0 plus on the Google play store.
  • While playing a block puzzle, you don’t need a WIFI connection. You can do it anywhere, be it in your camping quarters or while traveling.

From fantastic and seasonal themes to a diverse combination of daily challenges, block games have many features that provide the best gaming experience. Also, you can use combos and streaks as a score multiplier and win the game in the shortest time possible. Lastly, playing block puzzles can be done offline; you don’t need WIFI to unwind in the best gaming experience.


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