Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

If you own an invitation business, “what is the best paper for wedding invitations?” is one of the most often requested questions. Actually, I’m thrilled by your inquiry; I can think of few topics I like discussing as much as cardstock (please, give me all the cardstock).

But with this inquiry comes both good and bad news. The dilemma of what kind of paper to use has, unfortunately, no simple solution. Given the wide variety of printers, ink, and template options, there is no universally best paper to utilize. What prints well on one machine may seem blotchy and washed out on another.

However, here’s some good news: picking out paper may really be rather enjoyable if you know what you’re doing. It takes some experimentation to choose the perfect paper for your wedding invitations. Find wedding paper that works with your printer rather than being obsessed with choosing the ideal stock.

Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true methods that simplify the process of selecting the appropriate paper for wedding invitations. So that you may choose the finest paper for your wedding invitations, enclosures, and day-of paper items, I’ll explain all you need to know about cardstock in the following paragraphs.

Smooth White Cardstock

What most people mean when they refer to “cardstock” is this. It’s medium to heavy weight paper created from wood pulp (as opposed to cotton) with a smooth, matte texture. It’s great for home printing since you can choose from many colors and paper weights. Plus, it’s cheap enough that you can print all your invitations even if you’re on a tight budget.

The Use of Linen-Based Cardstock

Linen paper, as the name implies, is designed to resemble linen cloth, complete with a subtle woven texture and matte surface. These are best option for budget friendly wedding invites. The basket weave pattern works well for disguising any printing flaws that could occur at home. It’s a nice way to jazz up otherwise boring invites.

A Cotton Cardboard

Unlike vellum or shimmering cardstock, cotton paper is perfect for laser and inkjet printing because it is very absorbent while yet being quite smooth to the touch.

The result is wedding invitations with a sophisticated, up-to-date aesthetic. Moreover, it is “photo safe,” which means it won’t fade or deteriorate with time in picture albums or scrapbooks.


Parchment is a kind of paper that is both thin and transparent, with a faintly marbled appearance. Subtle and delicate, it layers well with thinner materials (it only comes in 65#) to create more dimensions, such as vellum or cotton paper. If you’re planning a spring simple wedding invites or a small, intimate ceremony with a special touch, parchment is the way to go.

Woolen Cardstock

Felt is unlike any other kind of paper out there. It’s a sturdy paper with a feel between cotton and canvas, rough yet smooth. Its lightest weight is 110#, which means it may not work in all home printers, but if you can locate the perfect one, it adds a touch of class to your invites.


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