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What to Mention in A Valentine’s Day Card for Her?

by John

Valentine’s Day is nearing, so it is time to get the party started! What nicer way to do that than by being all romantic with your lovely significant other? There are numerous ways to delight your beloved on Valentine’s Day, but gifting them personalized valentines day cards with a special note written only for them, by yourself, is a surefire way of putting a grin on their face.

However, what do you mention in a valentine’s day card for your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife? You need not worry! So long as what you write stems from your heart, be guaranteed she will enjoy it.

Before you start writing, here are some general guidelines:

  1. Concentrate on her: What she signifies to you, what you adore about her, and how she has an impact on your life. Include a treasured recollection or an intimate joke. Anything that shows how much you care and value her is a winner in this category.
  2. Make the first draft: To do so, scribble several phrases on a scrap bit of paper. Just some random thoughts. Do not fret about whether it is perfect or not. Write as much as you can, as quickly as possible. Then, pick the sentences that signify the most to you and utilize them as the foundation for your ‘final draft’ in the card.
  3. It does not need to be very long: You do not have to include lots of phrases to be meaningful. If you are speaking from your heart, it will mean a great deal more than anything else.

Feel free to adapt the phrases below, personalize them, or let them drive you. So long as you ponder the lady you admire, you will not be short of words. Some excellent suggestions include:

Something Good and Sappy

  •         I’m so delighted you are a part of my life
  •         Every day, you are my first and dearest thought
  •         The word ‘beautiful’ is not even close to describing you. And fortunate is an understatement.
  •         Till you came along, I had no idea what affection was or how great life could be
  •         There is no need for chocolate. There is no need for a nice meal. I do not require any gifts. I only need you.
  •         You will always be my Valentine. And it only gets better with each passing year.
  •         I do not care what we do now or in the future. I will always have everything I could ever wish for so long as I’m with you.

A Slightly Light-hearted Approach

  •         It is not a bother seeming like a love-struck, mushy idiot since you are so great, hot, and lovely.
  •         I have been pondering about you a lot lately. And in all the other ways, I adore you.
  •         I never imagined myself with the sexiest, most gorgeous lady in the world. But life has a way of surprising you in the finest ways. And you are the best of them all.

The Playful and Humorous Alternatives

  •         Are you the hidden ingredient in my burger’s sauce? The potato crunch in my sandwich? Make an embodied, metaphorical equivalent for what you truly adore in life and include it.
  •         Being with you is preferable to… Think of what you enjoy doing or like the most. Obviously, you adore her more, right? Just ensure you present it pleasantly.

Now that you have a clue of what to include in your valentines’ day card, you can get started! Mixbook offers you easy-to-use software that lets you unleash your creativity and customize your card to your style and flair. Contact the Mixbook staff through Live Chat or email in case of any concerns.

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