Thu. Jun 8th, 2023
buying gift jewelry for your women

The women in our life are extraordinary, and they deserve the best of everything there is—a gift for someone priceless needs to be beautiful as well. While simple presents like gift cards and vouchers, handwritten letters, or romantic dinners are already thoughtful enough, jewelry is also a great way to express your love for the women in your life. Be it your life partner, your sister, mother, or even your daughter or dear friend; jewelry is much loved, appreciated, and even worn by most women. However, choosing jewelry that they will love and value isn’t a cakewalk. So, if you’re unsure of what to buy and how to go about it, then here’s some help.

Know about her taste The first and foremost consideration when buying jewelry for a woman should be her taste. While some women like to wear simple pieces, others prefer bling and elaborate designs. Also, many women show an inclination towards adorning a particular kind of jewelry. Find out the tastes of the woman you wish to buy jewelry for. Check whether she loves to experiment with Indian earrings, bangles, bracelets, or finger rings. To know more about her taste, here are a few things you can do,

Ask her about the jewelry she likes when she’s looking at a fashion magazine. 

Ask her best friend 

Pay attention to the jewelry she usually wears 

Know if she has any favorite brands 

Know the size you need to buy 

When you’re out shopping for jewelry such as bangles, bracelets, or finger rings, knowing the fit and size is very important. You can find this out by checking the size she currently wears. To do so, you can ask a close friend if you wish to surprise her. Alternatively, check her jewelry box for other pieces of jewelry which fit right.There are some pieces that are unique and liked by all, like Sunflower Bracelet.

You can also opt for pieces where size isn’t an issue.

This includes necklaces, earrings, Adina Eden anklets, and waistbands that have adjustable clasps and can be used per individual requirements.

Set up your approximate budget 

Jewelry, at times, can be expensive. Depending on whether you plan to buy those glittering diamonds, gold, or platinum pieces, you may need to shell out money. And this is why having an approximate budget can help. Once you decide on the amount you wish to spend, you can look at options at various jewelry stores. Crafting a budget will help you, 

Shop comfortably and bookmark pieces you like 

Many people are also unaware that you can get stunning pieces of designer jewelry at lesser costs. 

Enable you to buy the most exquisite pieces at a price you’re comfortable paying 

Browse a few sites and stores 

The online environment offers a wide range of stores to shop from. With your budget sorted and an idea of her taste in place, you can begin looking at jewelry in online stores. These shops will allow you to bookmark pieces you like and compare them based on the following parameters. 

Craftsmanship: Elaborate detailing can easily be viewed by zooming in on the various pieces of jewelry you like.  

Comparing cost: Shopping online enables you to compare the cost of jewelry at one store with another and choose a place that gives you the best value for money. 

Time of delivery: Each store may offer you a different time frame for delivering your piece of jewelry. This will depend on whether the piece is readily available or needs to be crafted. 

Other parameters: When browsing through online stores, you can also check other parameters, such as the types of materials in which jewelry is available. You can look at the different metals, gemstones, and styles, such as antique jewelry or contemporary designs.  

You can also visit a few physical stores to check out designs. However, these stores may be limited in the options they offer. 

Choose something she will cherish 

When buying a piece of jewelry, try to choose a piece which she will cherish. It is also essential to keep her age in mind. Usually, tastes change with age, and what you would look to buy for your daughter and mother needs to cater to their different tastes. 

Going the traditional route of buying antique jewelry is a great idea.  

A few classic pieces that have stood the test of time and are loved by many women, maybe a safe bet too.  

You can also opt for charm bracelets like pixiu, with each charm customized to represent a milestone in your life. These are pretty popular and have a personal story to tell.  

You can also buy jewelry based ‘on her birthstone. Often available as pendants or finger rings, these pieces are known to bring in good energies. 

When looking at Indian Jewellers, you can opt for delicately carved necklaces, finger rings, or anklets which are a favorite for many women. 

Read the fine print 

Once you’ve zeroed in on a store you wish to shop at and have shortlisted your options, it’s essential to read the fine print before making the final purchase. Many people mistake overlooking these details, and it can prove to be an expensive error. When reading the fine print, find out about, 

Return policies: These are important when shopping for women. Allow your woman the flexibility of a store willing to change jewelry if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t match her taste. 

Repair and servicing: Some jewelry may require servicing from time to time to be at its radiant best. Also, repair services do come in handy in case of damages. So, look at store options that have all these in-house. 

The special women in our lives deserve to be celebrated, and what better way of doing that but with the gift of jewelry. A gift of jewelry is a perfect way of saying you care. It’s a great way to propose to the woman you love or to mark an important milestone in her life. Finely crafted pieces enhance not just her wardrobe, but if chosen right, they can make her beam with joy as well. So, if you’re worried that the effort is too high, fret not. Today, many stores offer the support of jewelry experts, who can help you shop and choose the pieces that your loved one is sure to fall in love with.

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