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The rapid growth of distilleries and local craft spirits is one of Australia’s recent and extraordinarily great success stories. With less than 10 gin-making distilleries from a few years ago to almost 100 now, Australian gin has become very popular and high in demand in recent years. 

One of the common characteristics of Australian gin with other gins is its highly experimental nature; many distillers barrel their gin and use extraordinary botanicals like shiraz. 

According to the Australian Distillers Association (ADA), the economic value of the industry of local crafts spirits is worth more than $1 billion a year. 

What is Special About Australian Gin?

The Australian gin has been winning many hearts, along with rewards for its excellent taste. One thing that makes Australian gins unique is the wide variety of botanicals used in them. 

Australia is home to over 20,000 species of vascular plants. The diversity of these plants is enormous, with many of them being unique to only Australia. 

The continent’s biodiversity is very renowned, and this is a high contributing factor in making the gins so unique. Here are some other factors that make the gin what it is. 

Environment and Agriculture 

The environment, agriculture, and suitability also play a significant role in enhancing the flavour of a gin. 

Since most distillers choose to barrel age their gins, it has a substantial coastal influence from the surrounding environment in which it is aged. Being close to the ocean also impacts the overall flavour of the gin. 

People Who Turn Gins into Genius

While giving credit to nature is appropriate in all ways, it’s the skills and dedication of people who utilise the resources available and create something magical out of it. 

The distillers take extra care and precautions to ensure that the gin reaching you is of the highest quality. Their sheer dedication to the craft produces and yields some of the best results.

Evolution of Culture, Creativity, and Innovation

There is a lot more freedom for the relative youth of Australia to explore the boundaries and craft of distilling. People’s interest in the art of the alcohol industry has seen exponential growth, and that excited people to explore everything new that’s being produced. 

Australia has a rich and diverse culture of food, sports, architecture, and a lot more. All this best complements the growing industry of Australian gin. You can experience a creative fusion in Australia, and it’s rapidly expanding. 

How to Choose the Best Gin?

The gin market in Australia is expanding and exploding, with many new distilleries and brands coming up with their specially crafted dry gin. 

Many distilleries have won several Australian Distilled Spirits Awards, and their efforts can be easily noticed in the quality of gin produced. 

You can choose from a wide range of Aussie gins in the market these days. If you’re looking for exceptional flavours, go for high-quality brands that will give you a blend of taste and class. 

You can also make the final call based on the awards and native botanicals to which the distilleries or gins belong. It will help you choose only the best gin from the competitive market.


A combination of many factors contributes to making the Australian gin a success. The market for the alcohol industry in Australia is snowballing, and so is the quality of gins. 

You will not be disappointed with a classic bottle of Australian dry gin, some delicious food, and the company of good friends. 

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