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Since cannabis became widely known, we’ve seen significant growth in the number of cannabis strains. One of the key trends is that these strains are getting more powerful each year. The industry is looking to create more potent options because that’s what many consumers want. 

Today there are several weed types with THC levels over 30%, which was impossible just a few years back. Today we’re lucky to have new strains each year and test our appetites, but there’s a lot of false information out there because every seller wants people to try out their products. 

That’s why we will share some of the most potent strains you can try out in 2022 and help you understand where your limits are. Let’s get started with the strongest strain of weed.

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Chemdawg is a record-winning strain for its THC content, and it was the winner of the Cannabis Cup, where its THC levels were measured at 32%! Even though it’s nothing new, this strain is still shrouded in mystery, and there’s little to no information about its history and genetics. 

However, there are rumors that this is a Nepalese and Thai Sativa crossbreed. Regardless of its history, Chemdawg is only for experienced smokers and is known for its pungent smell. 

Mother’s Milk 


Mother’s Mils is a Nepali OG and Appalachia hybrid; its THC levels range from 25% to 30%. Even though it’s a very potent strain, the effects kick in slowly, creating a balance of effects caused by its hybrid nature. Mother’s Milk is a great option, even for beginners! If you don’t have much experience with more potent strains, you might want to give it a shot. 

It gives an energetic and euphoric high transitioning into a focused state. This strain won’t glue you down to a chair and get baked. Many people use it when they want to get something done with a boost of concentration. 

King Louis 

King Louis has a herbal and pine flavor with THC levels of around 26%. King Louis is commonly used as a sleeping concoction, and some users like its natural flavors that can be potent. It’s an Indica strain with powerful sedative effects, and unlike the previous two strains, it doesn’t have energizing features. 

This is the right choice if you need something to help you fall asleep fast. Don’t try King Louis while out in public or when you’re surrounded by lots of people, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with weed. 

Bubba Fett 


Bubba Fett is a crossbreed of Stardawg and 98 Bubba Kush offering a feeling of contemplation and calmness. It has dense buds showing you that you have something special in front of you, and it has THC contents of over 26% with great taste and long-lasting effects. 

People who feel a lot of tension and stress often use Bubba Fett even when they want to fall asleep more easily. Many medical marijuana users use this strain to combat appetite loss, primarily because of its sweet, skunky, and pungent taste. 

Irish Cream 

This strain is a typical example of selective breeding with the sole purpose of creating a potent weed strain. Irish Cream is an Indica crossbreed of Cookies and Cream and Real McCoy, resulting in a powerful experience with average THC levels of 27%. 

The strain has typical dank flavors with a combination of pine and fresh herbs. Even though it’s a potent strain, it has a pleasant, sweet taste similar to Sweet Cream. People use it to combat chronic pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. 

It hits hard initially, but users quickly get in a friendly, relaxed, and happy mood feeling total bliss. After some time, you’ll start to feel sleepy and relaxed. 

Strawberry Banana 


Another Indica hybrid between Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush was developed to deliver a unique experience, and the result is Strawberry Banana. It won three rewards for the most potent weed strains in the world, and its highest recorded THC levels were almost 32%. 

On average, you can expect THC levels around 28%, which is still quite potent. It has an incredible taste with hints of banana and strawberries. Even though it’s highly concentrated, the taste is fruity and sweet, and even average smokers would enjoy it. 

It offers a strong cerebral high while giving users sharp focus and bringing them into a relaxed state the whole time. Users often get couch-locked and ready to sleep, but medical marijuana users also use it for insomnia, PTSD, depression, and chronic pain. 

Cinderella 99 


This strain is the crossbreed of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk and is 85% Sativa and 15% Indica. That’s why it has a spacy and energetic high, making it ideal for people with ADD and ADHD or other conditions that induce fatigue. 

It has many tastes, combining piney, pineapple, citrus, and candy elements. It’s a dreamy and euphoric strain that reeks and smells excellent simultaneously. Its THC content ranges from 21% to 23%. 



These are the most potent weed strains you should try out in 2022. Remember that our focus wasn’t mainly on THC contents but on the experience the strains provide along with taste. Take the time to try them out and enjoy them! 

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