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Today, the business domain is disrupted on a regular basis, thanks to innovations and developments in Big Data and data science. Across all industries, data scientists are driving growth and making processes and operations more seamless and efficient.

Businesses that have employed data science in their decision-making have witnessed a marked growth in their revenue generation. According to a paper published by the University of Philadelphia, 46% of businesses adopting data insights do better than their counterparts who don’t.

Hence, the global demand for qualified data scientists isn’t likely to regress any time soon. Thus, it can be a great career move to invest in a bachelor’s in data science and become an accomplished data scientist.

Still in doubt about a career shift to data science? This blog is just the place for you! Read ahead to discover some exciting data science career options awaiting you at the end of a data science programme.

What does a data science job involve?

Data scientists deal with massive data sets that originate either from business operations or other industries and are too complex to process using conventional data management methods.

Data scientists leverage several machine learning and predictive analytics techniques to gather meaningful insights from huge data reserves. These insights can be useful for making data-driven business decisions that can bring in more revenue.

What are the top data science career roles today?

Whatever you know about the career scene for data scientists today, chances are that the number would be significantly more by the time you graduate from a data science programme.

A recent report by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics stated that data-science occupations would likely grow by 31% by 2030. You can also expect a growing diversity in the kind of jobs available to data scientists.

Some of the common industries employing data scientists include healthcare, insurance management, digital marketing and supply chain and logistics.

Here is a short list of the top exciting career roles for aspiring data scientists in 2022 that might catch your attention.

  1. Data security analyst
  2. Data architect
  3. Big Data engineer
  4. Business Intelligence analyst
  5. Database manager
  6. Data modeller
  7. Database developer
  8. Senior data scientist
  9. Data analytics officer
  10.  Database administrator

Do you need a data science degree to become a successful data scientist?

Data science is fairly technical and can require you to be good at coding, statistics and many more disciplines. Therefore, acquiring a formal degree like a bachelor’s in data science can be a good place to start.

Such a degree can help you understand the fundamentals of data science and Big Data analytics. You also learn about different data science applications in today’s industries and how you can take them forward.

Start looking for appropriate data science programmes from reputed universities today to become successful in this industry.

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