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Washing machines are necessary appliances in every household. A major advantage of using such machines remains to be 

  1. Saving time while you can multitask
  2. Cost Saving through resource optimization
  3. Energy-saving as it helps in conservation of water to a certain extent

Washing machines in India are understood to be smart gadgets that can allow you to manage households efficiently. But do you know that washing machines can be taken on rent? However expert infrastructure consultants state that taking a washing machine for rent can sometimes be costly. For instance, taking a washing machine on rent in Ghaziabad can have a different price associated compared to taking a washing machine in Noida on rent.

What are the major aspects that might bother you?

While taking washing machines for rent, one must be bothered about the quality of the brand or the nature of the machine being rented out. Therefore, the technical aspects of any machine can be a major determinant in order to allow you to make a decision.

What have been some of the suggestions given to consumers?

Energy usage is a major issue so consumers need to decide whether they have a dedicated water point to use a washing machine on rent. As a smart citizen, one needs to understand the following implications:

  • Types of washing machine brands available under rent
  • Leading technologies pertaining to the operational aspects of such products
  • Cost associated
  • Date of manufacture of these machines
  • Usage frequencies if applicable
  • Storage costs associated with such home appliances

How Do You Decide Which Kind of a Product You Take on Rent?

Most consumers remain confused on what the kind and type of machines they should procure through rent? Expert mechanics related to the field state that, whether to rent out a product at all is a decision that needs to be taken on the first go. Next is the average requirement for washing clothes. Most importantly, such decisions are based on the fact that consumers remain busy, and washing clothes remain to be a daily activity to be automated. At the same time, getting the washing done through minimum effort is what determines the customer to take such an appliance for rent. 

It is important to remember that semi-automatic machines can be under demand if you have greater storage space. However, such machines can have a low energy consumption pattern as compared to fully automatic ones. However, fully automatic machines can be a perfect choice when both spouses work and have the little luxury to keep maids. Such machines can offer a full term service while drying your clothes as well.


Although washing machines remain to be a popular gadget, such machines are given for rent. In various parts of India, such machines are rented out for a price that is competitive as well. Taking such an electronic appliance on rent can however cause problems later. A consumer is expected to look into a variety of aspects while taking a firm decision to take the machine on rent.

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