What Is The Cause Of Sinus Infection And How To Get Rid Of It

What Is The Cause Of Sinus Infection And How To Get Rid Of It

January 21, 2021 0 By Tech Junkie

It is common for an average human to get affected by many health problems during the course of his life. Yes, that is true! 

While some of those health problems are temporary and cure fast, a few are problematic and trouble people for a long time. 

On the other hand, some are irritating and cause discomfort in carrying out day to day functions of an individual. Sinus infection is one of them. 

Let’s check out about the cause of the disease, sinusitis symptoms and much more in this post!

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis denotes the swelling or the inflammation of the tissue that line the sinuses. The sinuses that are healthy are filled with air. But, when they are blocked, they get filled with fluid. As a result, germs can make it their homes and lead to Sinus infection. 

What conditions lead to the blockage of the Sinus?

  • The common cold. 
  • Allergic rhinitis. 
  • Small growth nose’s lining known as the nasal polyps. 
  • The occurrence of the deviated septum – the nasal cavity’s shift.

Cause Of Sinus Infection

The general sinusitis symptoms may include the following conditions: 

  • A stuffed nose. 
  • Loss of smell. 
  • Runny nose. 
  • Pressure or facial pain. 
  • Congestion or cough.

Some of the other sinusitis symptoms may also include fever, fatigue, bad breath and dental pain. 

What are the types of Sinusitis?

When you go to your healthcare expert, you may hear him using the below terms: 

  1. Acute Sinusitis – It begins with cold-like symptoms such as the runny nose, facial pain and stuffy nose. The onset of this condition may be quick and could last for 2-4 weeks. 
  2. Subacute Sinusitis – This condition may last for 4-12 weeks. 
  3. Chronic Sinusitis – The sinusitis symptoms of this type may last for 3 months and more. 
  4. Some people may also experience reoccurring sinusitis symptoms several times a year. 

Who can get the Sinus?

A lot of people around you may be troubled by sinusitis symptoms. The number of people in India is also on the rise. You are more likely to experience sinusitis symptoms if you have the following: 

  • Swelling inside the nose due to the common cold. 
  • Blocked drainage ducts. 
  • Structural differences narrow such ducts. 
  • Nasal polyps. 
  • Deficiency of the immune system or medications that suppress it. 

For children, the conditions that can lead to the Sinusitis include: 

  • Allergies. 
  • Illnesses from other kids at the school or daycare. 
  • Pacifiers. 
  • Environmental smoke. 
  • Drinking from the bottle while lying on your back. 

What are the treatment options for Sinus?

If you are troubled by sinusitis symptoms, your doctor may suggest you using a saline nasal washes and a decongestant. 

If your sinusitis symptoms do not improve within 3 days after taking OTC medicines, then you should not use them. It is because it may make you more congested. 

Your medical practitioner may give you antibiotics that you may have to take for 10-14 days. During this period, the sinusitis symptoms may start to vanish. 

What other things can help you ease off your sinusitis symptoms?

  • Warm compresses can ease off the pain in the sinuses and the nose. 
  • Saline nose that you can use at home – they are safe to take. 
  • OTC decongestant drops and sprays could be of much help. You should not take them for a longer period. 

In some conditions, your healthcare practitioner may even suggest steroids, along with antibiotics. 

What are the ways to prevent Sinus from occurring?

  1. You should avoid smoking and also avoid other people’s smoke. 
  2. Keep washing your hands often during cold and flu. Don’t touch your face often. 
  3. If you know what you are allergic to, you should keep away from such stimulants. 
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