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Live streaming is a significant feature for many apps and platforms. One of the platforms with live streaming is Twitch. Most people use it to reach their audience with their content. You can also try it but first, know how to get viewers on Twitch. Nonetheless, you should understand the potential risks and why it’s popular. These are also the risks your child may experience with online activities. To have a better understanding of live streaming, read on. 

What Is Live Streaming? 

This refers to a technology allowing you to create, share and watch videos in real-time. It could be said to be the same as TV. However, to live stream, you need to have reliable internet, a device such as a tablet, laptop, smartphone, and a platform. The platform you choose could be an app or website live stream enabled.

If you want to create content, there are many live streaming platforms and apps to use. The common live-streaming apps include Twitch TV, Instagram Live stories, Tik Tok, House Party, and Facebook Live. 

There is a difference between live streaming and pre-recorded videos. For pre-recorded videos, you can cut and edit. But, that’s not the case with live streaming. You have to use it as it is – live and uncensored. On the other hand, some live streams are private. These may include Skype, zoom, or video conferencing. These use live stream technology and enable you to speak with other people invited to the meeting. 

What makes them private is because you use passwords. The password should not be shared with others. Other live streams are public, which can be watched by thousands of people. In live streaming, viewers may interact live by commenting and posting messages which will appear at the side of the live stream. In addition, there is an option for viewers to share emojis such as coins, gifts, hearts, and more – all to appear beside the screen. 

What Makes Live Streaming Popular? 

Live streaming is an inspiration from YouTube and reality TV. This is because you’re able to broadcast everything you do, in any part of the world and at any time. 

It is appealing to many people with a higher percentage of children and young adults. This is because live streaming provides themes a chance where they can create and present their content. Again, some audiences can view and interact with them. Most people also like to stream live to interact with celebrities. In addition, that doesn’t end there. You can live stream a good moment with your friends and family or even your global friends. Some of the events that can help you live stream include birthday parties, talents showcases for exciting moments. 

When people positively use live streaming, it is an excellent tool for young people and children. It helps them create an identity and develop communication skills and confidence. Moreover, live streaming will allow children and young adults to connect with others with similar views, interests, or going through the same experiences. It helps some people feel less socially isolated. 

Another outstanding thing, live streamers will receive financial rewards. These are exciting goals for young people. In other words, audiences will gift virtual coins that will be turned into real money. 

Is Live Streaming Risky? 

Yes. Certain factors make creating live streams and watching risky for kids and young adults. These are things that bring risky in live streaming: 

  • Content – when watching other people’s content, they may be exposed to inappropriate content. Some of the content includes violence and porn.  
  • Offensive Comments – when live streaming to the public, not all viewers will leave a positive comment. Some have to leave inappropriate or negative comments on feeds. These comments could hurt children.
  • Digital Footprints – when a live streamer will make a mistake, broadcast offensive, or share personal details, most likely, the information will go public. Some of the information may not be right for the public.
  • Inappropriate contact – when a live stream is public, there are thousands of viewers. These could be people aiming to hurt children. To manipulate children, they are likely to treat children to engage in bad activities such as sexual. They do it by flattering them with gifts and positive comments. That forces them to do things they could not want to do. 



In a live stream, children and young people could be most affected. You need to guide them through anything they do online. Also, follow the necessary practical steps to keep children safe when using a live stream app or website. 


You can talk to children. Not once, but with an ongoing conversation. Having the discussion will be more effective. Only talk to them about the positive aspects they can find online. They are likely to open up when something disturbs them. 


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