Sat. Jun 10th, 2023
HDR vs HDR10+

I recommend understanding what a high dynamic range is before purchasing a TV. Make sure you read reviews on before buying a TV. Let’s take a look at what HDR is.


HDR allows you to present video with more excellent brightness, contrast and more colours. It’s what we’re used to on our standard TV’s. It’s obvious; it looks fantastic. It’s even more eye-popping than just seeing 4Kcontent.

Is HDR replacing UHD?

You can have4K UHDContent, or you can have4K UHD contentHDR is not an addition to the 4K image.

Why is Dynamic Range so important?

Dynamic Range is crucial because the human eye is most sensitive to Dynamic Range, which is our Range of contrast. It is the difference between the highest white light and the darkest display you can make – it’s called dynamic Range. It’s exciting to see how dynamic Range looks. The more we can get in between it, the greater it is.

HDR displays with all the new HDR features allow us to have a wider/advanced colour palette that isn’t flat but deep. With that huge colour palette, we have an enormous amount of all shades of colour.

Are Photo HDR and Video HDR one and the same thing?

Two things can have the same name.Photo HDRAndVideo HDRThese areNOTThe same.

Video HDR TV is exciting. It’s a new way to display video content that uses more light, colour, and contrast. To make this happen, you need both the content and the display.

Photo HDR, on the other hand, is a process that uses multiple photos to merge them into one final product.

Is there an HDR standard?

There are many standards available. The problem is that they all are independent and are not compatible. This has been a problem in the past, so we hope that one day a standard will be established. There are two HDR standards that are more popular than the others—HDR10 and The Dolby Vision.

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