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Have you ever finished reading articles from a website and wondered why every piece has a different author? And if you ever wondered how you could become one of them, then you are in luck as in this article, we will discuss all there is to know about guest posting and how it works. 

So, what is a guest posting, and how can you contribute if you want to build your profile? Read till the end to know it all.

What Is Guest Posting?

If you understood it as posting content on someone’s site as a guest, you’ve made the correct guess! You are actually giving away your content to be published o  someone’s blog under your name after their invitation. But what makes it different from just posting the content on your blog? The answer is simple, guest posting brings more referral traffic and helps with SEO by increasing the number of backlinks. And the eyes of search engines, if you have more backlinks, you deserve more trust, which translates into higher visibility. 

You get to choose your own topics and keywords for your gust post. Choosing the right placement for your guest post is key. Relevancy is crucial as you are building exposure to your niche and brand awareness, so choose carefully.

Guest Posting Checklist

Here’s what you’ll need to post your first successful guest post:

  1. Goals or outreach strategy (the exact purpose behind your blog)
  2. Content ranking knowledge (SEO, backlinking tactics, etc.)
  3. Quality content that outshines most others
  4. Website links for backlinking
  5. Topic ideas

How To Publish Your First Guest Post?

Now that you understand what you require for guest posting, it’s time to learn how to tick those checkboxes. Here are some steps:

Have A Clear Goal In Mind

If you want to talk about a brand or product in your blog, focus more on educating your audience, and less on sales. Additionally, your goal can be to maximise your audience reach, drive traffic, convert visitors to customers, etc. Once you know your goal and have a plan for reaching it, moving forth is easier.

 Target Blogging

Once you know your goal, it’s time to look for the right blog that will be suitable for publishing your content. For that, you need to search on Google for  ‘your keyword’ + ‘guest post by’ and sort your potential target blogs. Of course, it’s better to choose those with high traffic and high Domain Rating. Once you generate the list, choose where you want to publish your guest post, as most websites will have categories, and it’s good to have your blog added to the proper category so that it will have more chances to be found by search engines and searchers. 

Proposal writing

After choosing your potential website to publish your content, you should ask for their requirements and write a brief proposal accordingly.

Guest Post Writing 

When writing your gusset post, it is important to tailor it to what searchers are looking for and what they want to know. Do not focus on purely selling yourself or your product as no one wants to read that. People go online to get information, to find out the solution to their problems and that is what your guest post should be focusing on. And make sure to employ local SEO tactics to help your business be more visible in local search results. Remember that keyword research is the foundation of a good and informative article, and that is where you should start. 


Lastly, the most crucial step after writing the guest post is the actions that will follow. Your guest post will not get much attention just by being there somewhere on the web, it requires to be shared and drag as much attention as possible. Promote your post on social media, respond to comments, and send thank you notes via email replies.

But looking for high-authority blogs for backlinking isn’t easy and takes time and expertise. There are agencies that offer guest post outreach services, and they can even do the writing for you. Such services are designed to strategically connect websites with businesses that are looking for more visibility online, and write high-quality, optimized content.

Wrap up

After reading our tips, we hope you are ready to post your first guest blog. But if still hesitant, it’s never too late to look for an agency that offers a guest post outreach service.

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