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DeFi, short for decentralized finance, has been slowly making headlines as the next stage of Crypto prices, but what does that really mean? And how does Curve fit into it all? We’ll also show you why Bitcoin might be an important piece of the puzzle about DEFI. Let’s start with an overview of what DEFI actually means – so you can decide if you want to invest or not!

What Is Curve Finance?

Curve Finance is a robotized market creator convention for trading between Stablecoins with low charges and slippage. It’s a decentralized liquidity aggregator where anybody can add their resources for a few different liquidity pools and procure charges.

Where Does It Work?

 If you want to get into value creation and see dividends or capital gains, your best bet is using Bitcoin. To buy bitcoin, head over to an exchange like KuCoin or download a wallet like KuCoin Wallet so you can store your BTC offline. You can also earn interest by locking up Bitcoin as collateral in a decentralized lending service like Compound.

Onboard, Sign Up, Deposit, & Buy Your First Crypto

If you’ve never used Cryptocurrency before but are interested in trying it out, buying some is the most direct way. Onboard and sign up at the exchange where you want to buy Bitcoin, follow the steps, and deposit your funds into your account. Once you have a balance in your account, find a crypto wallet (a wallet specifically made for Crypto) that suits your needs and purchase some Bitcoin. When purchasing Bitcoin from an exchange like KuCoin, you’ll be charged fees for buying and selling. With the buy fee being much lower than the selling fee, it’s best to only buy when you’re looking to hold onto a coin for an extended period. 

Buying Eth And Adding It To Your Wallet

To buy ETH and Buy Bitcoin, please follow these steps

-Open KuCoin and log in. First, select what type of account you would like to make (i.e., Individual) 

-If this is your first time buying ETH, you may need to verify your identity. Select the Verify tab at the top right corner of the screen. If you already have an Ethereum wallet address, enter it and click Next. Otherwise, select Buy Ethereum and then enter your card information 

-Once verified, or if you do not have a wallet address, go back to the main dashboard by clicking Home.

What Are Curve Pools?

Curve Money depends on liquidity pools to offer the most minimal measure of slippage while trading digital currencies.

Liquidity pools are digital forms of money got into savvy and get loaned by clients. These clients procure interest on the loan. The pools help to work with the exchanging of Cryptos on the DEX.

Curve Money liquidity pools differ from those tracked down on different trades because of an emphasis on digital currencies that offer a comparative unpredictability profile. By zeroing in on Stablecoins, Bend offers a loaning convention that is less unstable than different stages while giving exorbitant interest on the liquidity given.

The programmed market creator oversees the pools, which persistently rebalances pools after a trade has been made.

For instance, envision that a pool holds USDC and USDT. A dealer hits on Curve Money and needs to sell USDC and utilizes this liquidity pool.

The pool becomes unequal because there is presently more USDC.

To rebalance, the cost of USDC drops somewhat to urge merchants to purchase USDC with USDT.

Exchange merchants then, at that point, purchase USDT with USDC.

The liquidity pool rebalances the proportion of USDC to USDT.

Install The DApp Browser

After installing the DApp Browser, I could start with the CurveFinance DApp in just a few minutes. Buying Bitcoin was as easy as selecting what I wanted to buy and then choosing how much I wanted. The payment was fast and showed me an overview of my transactions. With a single click, I could see all my transactions, including whether they were funded or not.


KuCoin is a Cryptocurrency exchange that offers margin trading and CFD trading. In addition to its exchange services, KuCoin provides users with an extensive selection of tokens, integrating some of the most well-liked ones in the industry, like NEO, IOTA, and TRON.

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