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Maintaining a clean and well-optimized Instagram account can be challenging. Not to mention the difficulties of being on good terms with the Instagram algorithm, it might seem like you’re constantly at battle with unsavory characters and bots who are hellbent on becoming your greatest online buddy. Conducting an Instagram audit is one method for gauging the success of your account. Instagram auditing tools are plenty.

Instagram is constantly evolving and adding new features. Maintaining familiarity with Instagram’s latest iterations is an integral part of any audit. We carry an Always Up-to-Date list of Instagram Updates to keep you abreast of any adjustments you may want to make to your account.

An Instagram Audit: What Is It?

You may check how well your Instagram profile serves your business objectives by doing an audit. You may compare it to doing spring cleaning, and only instead of cleaning the fan blades, you’ll be updating your Instagram profile. 

The ultimate aim is to ensure that every piece of content—an Instagram feed post, story, Reel, or IGTV video—serves a function and advances the brand’s goals.

Methods to Conduct a Successful Instagram Audit

Instagram is a social media platform that requires constant upkeep. The above list of requirements is intimidating. However, you may make things easier on yourself by making use of some free or low-cost resources.


The Instagram and YouTube profiles may be researched and evaluated thoroughly with the help of HypeAuditor. Three packages are available to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and demands. There is a free option that only gives you access to essential data about your connected accounts.

With a paid subscription to either the Starter or Business tier, you’ll have access to more sophisticated features for finding influential people to follow on Instagram. If you’re only interested in keeping tabs on your Instagram account’s performance, you can purchase a report for $30 (updated monthly for a year), with savings available for purchasing several pieces.

When social media agencies want to track their progress and improve their social media strategy, they may use our Report, an analytics platform built just for them.

You may learn a lot about how your customers’ Instagram accounts are doing with the help of this application. In addition, you may use it to spy on the Instagram profiles of your rivals. For example, if you wish to gauge the pace of expansion of your client’s rivals, you may do so using this metric. Instagram allows you to listen to specific keywords and monitor brand-related conversation activity although it does’nt allow Instagram reel download it can still help you keep track. Your audit’s end will allow you to produce aesthetically pleasing and straightforward reports for your customers to read.

With, you may thoroughly examine your account’s activity over up to 30 days. You may monitor the demographics, growth, engagement, and reach a rate of your followers, as well as the frequency with which they like and comment, down to the hour. 

You may use these statistics to determine the optimal posting frequency and the kinds of information to share. You may use the platform’s statistics to see which picture or video filter works best for you and then use that filter instead.


Union Metrics’ premium package is a comprehensive tool for analyzing, monitoring and reporting across several social media channels.

In addition, they provide a free Instagram auditing tool that syncs with your account to review your profile’s performance over the last 30 days. Using these, you may discover when is the most fantastic time to publish to your client’s Instagram account, what hashtags will get the most engagement, and what kind of material will do the best.


Squarelovin is a social media network built specifically for Instagram that provides cutting-edge tools for e-commerce and analytics.

You may acquire valuable insights into your content strategy and compile a comprehensive report on the success of your Instagram profile by keeping a close eye on your follower activity and hashtag engagement.


Audit your account using Quintly’s prebuilt collection of more than 350 metrics, or build your own based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) most important to your company. Using this feature, you may compare your profile and follower data (including picture and video interactions and filter use) with your rivals. 

Other companies’ reaction times to comments from their followers are also tracked. Finding out what other people are doing well in your field might give you a sense of what you should aim for in terms of your performance.


It would help if you had a concrete strategy for moving forward by the time you complete evaluating your client’s Instagram account.

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