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If you love animals and have decided to pursue a career aimed at their welfare, becoming a veterinary doctor might be your cup of tea. The first step in enrolling in any academic program is to apply for the same.  Knowing the essential requirements and submitting the application increases your chances of getting selected.

The application requirements are often aligned with the vet school curriculum so that the right students can be selected. The procedures vary from school to school but there are a few common points in each application.

So, let’s go through the important points to note while applying to a medical school.

  • Completion of pre-requisite courses

Every medical school requires you to complete certain pre-requisite coursework before submitting your application. This boosts your chances of getting noticed and selected. Here are some of the mandatory coursework that medical schools expect you to complete in general.

  • One academic year of General Biology.
  • One academic year of General Chemistry
  • 6 months of Biochemistry
  • 6 months of Organic Chemistry
  • 6 months of Computer Science or Mathematics
  • 6 months of English

Students should also have practical or laboratory experience in General Biology and Organic Chemistry. 

Completing the mandatory science and language coursework during your undergraduate studies prepares you to jump into the vast medical curriculum. Most medical schools prefer candidates with some knowledge of basic sciences so that they don’t feel new to the subjects covered and understand the essential concepts. You should also meet the minimum GPA requirements for each of these courses.

  • Meet the language requirement

To study any course, you must know the language to communicate. The English language is commonly used in curriculums for teaching and hence the applicants must have adequate knowledge of English and the necessary communication skills. Non-native applicants should take a TOEFL or IELTS test to prove their proficiency.

  • Graduate Record Examination

Even though not a mandatory requirement, medical schools, in general, recommend taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). So, what is GRE? GRE is a test that evaluates your analytical writing skills, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning to understand the potential of applicants. GRE is not a standardized admission test but scoring good marks on the test will increase your chances of getting called by the schools you apply to.

  • Important Documents

To submit your application successfully, you will have to present certain vital documents. Here is the list of the mandatory documents.

  • Transcript from your previous educational institutions.
  • An updated resume.
  • A personal statement indicating your purpose for opting for a veterinary career.
  • Non-natives should take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to prove their language proficiency.
  • Two letters of recommendation should be presented by the right professionals indicating your capability of being a successful student and professional in the future. 

If you think you fulfill the criteria mentioned above, then go forward with your application to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

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