Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Today is a little different, I share a different house from mine! I am also talking about projects and I need your help. This article is about redoing a fireplace, which color is the best?

When I blogged Mary last month, I said we would share her home and decorating ideas. She has a lovely two-story country house, with a large screened porch that I can’t wait to help decorate! first, she went to her house and asked me about her brick fireplace, wanting my opinion on it. He wanted to change it, do something but didn’t know where to start. I suggested that she could paint it and she likes the idea.

Since then, she kindly pushed me to help her paint it. However, he does not know what color to paint it. Now I know there are some serious opinions about brick painting. The decision is that the brick WILL be painted, we just need your help to decide on the color.

Explaining his family room a  bit might help. This fireplace sits at one end of its family with two large sliding glass doors on either side of this corner fireplace. The room has brown and red furnishings, with light brown painted walls. not what Mary hopes to stay with, she is still unsure of her interior design style. This is part of what I hope to start working with her on, helping her find her own personal decorating style.

For now, let’s keep the rustic, country vibe, just lighten it up. My first inclination is white for bricks. Gorgeous, stiff and will bounce back beautifully in any natural light.

There are so many options for redoing that fireplace. The coat is painted a light brown color, I’m inclined to peel the paint off then re-color the coat on the wood. Or should it be painted the same color as the brick? Another decision is how to handle the wooden details on the fireplace top? Should it be a different color from the brick or keep it?

I keep asking Mary what her preferences are and she’s all over the place, she wants to go white one minute, then the next she gets dark and daring. Since this is your home, I don’t want to influence your home with my personal decorating style. So please keep this in mind when giving your color ideas. This is her space, her family relaxes here and creates memories together. So we have to personalize it and carve it out in this beautiful space where it feels happy.

As I could not only talk about his fireplace, I also wanted to share with you a beautiful inspiration. So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fireplace renovations from my blog friends. There are so many different ways to redo a fireplace! Choosing a style can also be difficult. There’s rustic, country, elegant, craftsmanship, minimalist and then lots of options in between.

I  added shiplap boards to my living room fireplace and added tiles to an electric fireplace in my bedroom. Both with very different characteristics and styles.

The plan is that Mary and I will soon start tackling his chimney. I’m excited to start working with Mary to find her decorating style. I think this journey will be fun for everyone on the blog. Depending on when you do, I discovered this little corner of the internet you may have come to after my house was “finished”. Although I still have long lists of home improvement projects, my home is pretty well established in style and decor.

Mary’s home is a blank slate and she can’t wait to start transforming her house into a home. We’ll be decorating together, a DIY project, too many laughs, and many memories as we decorate her house while our husbands get together and our kids run around playing. So help us redo this fireplace, what’s the best color? The only hard no is to cover the brick with tiles, leaving the brick is about the only restriction Mary and her husband Jeff have. So, share!

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