What boots for which pants …

What boots for which pants …

May 4, 2021 0 By Anonymus

Boots go so well with everything that you would forget to break your head! These are really all-purpose shoes! However, there is no question of wearing them in any looks! And it’s a little banana peel that awaits you in winter, when you are bundled up in your coat and you put on pants with a small pair of ankle boots… How to wear ankle boots with pants? So what are the details that make the difference?

How To Wear Ankle Boots With Skinny Or Skinny Pants

There, we are at the height of risk! The slim outfit + ankle boots, it can really do anything! You can see the trick: a sweater, a denim skinny and black ankle boots … Everything goes together, but you feel that something is missing! There are several possibilities to boost all this! Rather than ankle boots with a narrow shank and a stacked heel, opt for:

Fur boots with fine heels:

The slim or the skinny can weigh down the silhouette. Fur heel boots will taper you all up. They don’t have to be dizzying! There are now really cool fur heel boots with a thin 5cm heel! Immediately you feel surer of yourself, your approach is feminine and assured!

wide-stemmed ankle boots:

You slip the slim or the skinny in the boot. To balance the volumes, you wear an oversized jacket or coat.

For an ultra sexy look, you combine a wide shaft + thin heels. How To Wear Ankle Boots With Wide Leg Pants, Flare Or Straight Jeans The trick to a really current look is to wear your pants short! But really short kind way above the boot.  You can hem for a demure look or keep a frayed bottom for a more rock and relaxed style. You will prefer ankle boots with a narrow shaft and a stacked heel. And you prefer straight or belted jackets and coats. Unless you’re tall, then a loose jacket won’t pack you down. A short jacket, aviator type or straight jacket in synthetic fur will also be great!

Boots that shed!

When you wear your ankle boots with pants, if you want to avoid the tasteless look, go on funky ankle boots:

metallic: gold, silver, red or metallic blue

white or black varnished

animal print: leopard, python

It will make a huge difference! Forget about half measures and dare! Of course you are not going to wear them with an assembly of strong pieces! But rather to boost a simple little look! You will see that they will be a precious help on a daily basis! Once you take the plunge, you’ll love it! And you will wonder how you did before … with your boots in neutral colors😉

Boots & ankle boots: which color to choose for a maximum of possibilities The red ankle boots boost this outfit with basics in neutral colors. The straight 7/8 length pants stop clearly above the boots.The red pointed-toe ankle boots give this outfit a feminine touch in a boyish spirit.

Boots & ankle boots

Boots and ankle boots are available in a countless number of variations: flat heel, high heel, thick heel, thin heel, square toe, pointed toe… but also in colors from the most neutral to the most eccentric! It may be that until now, you have been a mono-maniac of black… or that you swear only by the camel ankle boots… So which colors will give you the most possibilities? Is it better to play it “safe” and go neutral or black? Or fall for a flashy color? Here are some tips to help you make the right choice!

To choose THE right pair of boots , I advise you to start by analyzing the contents of your wardrobe. Rather, is it made up of:

basic pieces in neutral colors or fairly wise classic pieces? In this case, it is better to go with rather flashy boots: colored, printed etc.

strong pieces of character? In this case, you will need boots in a neutral color to calm it all down!

Black boots & ankle boots

I recommend at least a pair of black ankle boots that will go well with a large number of pieces in your wardrobe!  Choose them preferably in suede, patent leather, crocodile-style leather rather than matte and smooth black leather. They will allow you to bring relief to your outfit! Black ankle boots will be perfect for your rock, classic or glamorous looks.

White boots & ankle boots

White ankle boots will be great to brighten up your winter outfits! These are the perfect boots for your shades and shades of light neutrals. For a 60’s touch, go for a model with a narrow upper and a stacked heel. Or for a model of low boots with stiletto heels for an 80’S look!

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